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Google mobile searches surpasses PC’s in the US for the first time

Google Inc [NASDAQ:GOOG] on Tuesday, announced that Google mobile searches have outnumbered the one on PCs in the US, marking technology’s shift to smartphones. Last year, Google employees had predicted that the search queries would overtake desktop queries, and has just become real in many parts of the world. The transition began in 2007, when Apple released the first iPhone, ...

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Facebook further expands Internet.org for developers

Facebook Inc has further expanded its open platform Internet.org for developers to integrate their services for the ease of net neutrality.  An open platform is being launched by Facebook Inc for content developers as well as application developers in its Internet.org. With this move, the main aim of Facebook is getting people online in rural areas as well as low-income ...

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Sprint customers can auto-connect to Boingo’s WiFi networks for free

Sprint Corporation (NASDAQ:S) has successfully agreed on a multi-year deal with the leading DAS and WiFi provider Boingo Wireless Inc. (NASDAQ:WIFI) to provide its customers a seamless access to Boingo’s WiFi networks in approximately 35 airports in the United States. The new deal will Sprint consumers who also happen to be frequent flyers a chance to get faster data speed with a clear ...

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Elon Musk’s Twitter and Telsa Motors, Inc. (TSLA) website hacked

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Twitter account, and the company website were hacked on Saturday. The company’s IT department had a tough time as hackers took control of the website, and the hackers promised free cars via tweets. The first signs of the attack were made around 1:52 PM pacific, when the hacker declared control of the account. The account’s name ...

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Microsoft Bing crosses 20 percent market share, partnership with Yahoo renewed

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO) introduced that some amendments were made by them to their 10 calendar year lookup partnership for making it possible for Yahoo to produce individual look. Moreover, Microsoft’s Bing search engine has already crossed the 20 percent market share for the first time. Finally, Marissa Mayer has earned what she wants and this is an opportunity ...

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Google set for a long battle in EU antitrust case

The European Union is likely to narrow down on Google for abusing its search-engine dominance, for shopping service. Google’s Android software will also be investigated by regulators though major charges and fines are unlikely to be faced by the company. European competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager followed the case Wednesday that will decide if the search engine giant will succeed in ...

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