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People Should Update Devices Because of New Wi-Fi Privacy Hack

Hack being carried out online involving coding

On Monday, Mathy Vanhoef, a Belgian researcher, has released a lot of details regarding a new widespread hack. Its official name is KRACK, which comes from Key Reinstallation Attack, and it reportedly affects everyone that uses a Wi-fi connection. Through it, hackers are able to access and decrypt everything that a person is doing on the internet. The official description ...

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Google Ends “First Click Free” Program

Google Search on a Samsung tablet

Because there is a very large number of online magazines that cannot support themselves because they fail to obtain enough profit from advertising, Google has decided to end its famous “First click free” program. The company actually replaced it with what it calls “flexible sampling”, to help those publications. Thanks to this new program, those magazines are going to control ...

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YouTube Videos and How to Upload Your Own

YouTube hosts a huge number of videos

In an age where more and more people are making career out of filming and posting various YouTube videos, it’s important to know how can you do that. Video blogging (or vlogging) has become so popular that it seems that almost everybody is doing it. But here is one very important step that not everyone knows how to do, and ...

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Spambot Stole Info from Millions of Email Addresses

Spambot steals info from millions of email accounts

A researcher which specializes in discovering malware has recently come across a shocking discovery. A huge spambot has apparently been going through about 711.5 million email address from all over the world. Its purpose is to obtain information and then use it to spread some kind of banking malware. It’s worth noting that in some cases, the operation didn’t only ...

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Firefox Is Getting VR Support Starting Today, August 08

firefox browser with vr support

Mozilla announced through a blog post at the beginning of the month its plans of releasing a new Firefox web version, Firefox 55. Scheduled for release this Tuesday, August 08, this is set to come with Virtual Reality (VR) support through the addition of WebVR. Coming just a short while after the June speed boost, Firefox will become the third ...

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Google Instant Search Will No Longer Be Available

google instant search

Google Instant Search will no longer be available as a direct result of mobile use increase. The feature, which has become an integrated part of using the search engine, was designed in 2010 and managed to revolutionize internet queries at the time. Only the related searches option will remain as a token of the Internet that was. Seven Years Ago, ...

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Jayden K Smith is not a Hacker, but a New Facebook Hoax

Jayden K Smith craze is just a Facebook hoax

Recently, people on Facebook have begun receiving some rather bizarre messages regarding a certain person named Jayden K Smith. The message warns them to not accept his friend request because he is supposedly a hacker that will enter their computers and cause harm. Seeing how frightened users have been by this person, some expert shave decided to calm the spirits. ...

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Google Testing New Mobile Search Design

Google Search

Recently, some people have noticed a change on both the iOS and Android systems. This discovery seems to indicate towards the fact that Google might be making changes to its mobile search system. According to a reddit user who was one of the first to notice something suspicious, the changes could be significant. They seem to add a huge amount ...

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Google Chrome for Android to Get Big Speed Boost

Google Chrome logo

According to statistics, last year was the first one during which the world population surfed the internet on their mobile devices more than on their computers. Nowadays, about 55% of all internet browsing is done from a tablet or from a smartphone. This is proof that while apps are fun and useful, it’s the mobile browsers people need the most. ...

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Google Has A School Program to Help Kids with Hackers

Playful Google logo

The new “Be Internet Awesome” educational program from Google aims at teaching kids how to protect themselves from phishing, internet harassment, how to have strong passwords and many other important internet security essentials. The program also includes a classroom curriculum and the “Interland” videogame. Teachers, YouTube videographers, and internet safety and literacy organizations worked together in an effort to teach ...

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