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Microsoft partners BesTV to launch Xbox One in China in September

Microsoft has announced to release its latest Xbox One gaming consoles to China in September of this year by partnering with BesTV home entertainment company. Finally, Chinese gamers will be playing on most awaited consoles of the year after 10 months of its global launch, both Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. However, the latter one hasn’t been announced ...

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Nintendo’s Game Boy celebrates its 25th Anniversary on April 21

legendary Nintendo device

On Monday April 21, Nintendo’s Game boy marks its 25th anniversary. Two hundred million people around the world may feel older today. It was neither the first nor the best and most advanced but the portable device’s legacy has lived to the cutting edge in Smartphone gaming. It was developed by Gunpei Yokoi and Satoru Okada, and had competition in ...

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Ubisoft confirms Assassin’s Creed: Unity, releases a teaser trailer

The company behind the popular Assassin’s Creed game series has confirmed the new addition Assassin’s Creed: Unity and released a 1:08 minutes teaser trailer. Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag was the last entry to the game series and the new addition will be arriving soon in coming months, this time the game sets in a revolutionary city of France. Meanwhile, no more ...

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Google and Apple turns down many “Flappy” games apps submissions

Google and Apple are rejecting the new games from many popular developers towards their respective app stores, just because the word “Flappy” in their apps. Following the removal of the simple, harder and viral hit of the year “Flappy Bird” game by its Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen from both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, there are many clone ...

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‘Stella’ is the next-gen Angry Birds game franchise

Rovio, the game developer firm behind the popular Angry Birds series has announced its upcoming Angry Birds franchise “Stella,” where a pink bird name Stella takes the leading role in the game. Since the launch of the original Angry Birds game for mobile phones, Rovio has grown big and it launched various franchise to the game series. Rio, Star Wars, ...

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Pebble app store now lists the Flappy Bird clone game, Tiny Bird

If you miss the new addictive game, Flappy Bird, which was pulled from the iOS App Store and Android Play Store by the Vietnamese game-maker, you can play the similar clone of the game on your Pebble smartwatch. Named as Tiny Bird, the Flappy Bird clone game has the same level of difficulty found in the original game, except the black ...

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Play retro games with $70 Innex Super Retro Trio console

Pomona California-based gaming toys and accessories manufacturer, Innex has unveiled Super Retro Trio, a new gaming console  for retro game lovers with affordable price tag of $70. The company already begun to take pre-orders of the consoles, while the device will be start shipping from March onwards. With the compatibility of NEW, SNES and Genesis games, the Super Retro Trio can ...

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Game Studio Double Helix games acquired by Amazon

Gaming Studio Double Helix Games has been acquired by Amazon with rumors suggesting that the company is set to enter the game console market or to gamify the Kindle Fire tablets. The announcement of the acquisition was planned on February 13th in L.A during a joint recruiting event from Amazon and Double Helix Games, while the news of the deal ...

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