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The Update for Nintendo Switch Brings Numerous New Features

Nintendo Switch on white surface

The big update for Nintendo Switch adds a lot of great features. The most incredible features are connected to the ability to transfer data to a new system and video capture support. Furthermore, this innovative update also introduced wireless headphone support to Switch. The new update for the console also brought an update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Now, gamers ...

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New Pokemon Are Coming Just in Time for Halloween

Pikachu disguised for Halloween

This Halloween we will enjoy new Pokemon on Pokemon go starting from today, October 20. The well-known game Pokemon Go is ready for Halloween. If you catch and hatch the new Pokemon, you will double candy bonuses. Furthermore, you will also get an incredible surprise. You will be able to get Pokemon from Gen 3 for the first time in ...

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The PS4 Mini Controller for Kids Is Here

The PS4 Mini Wired Controller for kids

The new PS4 mini controller for kids will make your life easier, helping you enjoy some quality time playing with your little one. Hori developed this PS4 controller that targets children and players who have small hands. If we were to compare this mini controller to the original PS4 controller, you would notice huge differences. The Mini Wired Gamepad is ...

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The Evil Within 2, Not Perfect, but Very Good

The Evil Within 2 cover art

The premise of the new video game called The Evil Within 2 is nothing you haven’t heard before. A man that’s been suffering enormously after the loss of his beloved daughter finds out towards the end of his life that she was alive all this time. The next thing you know, he goes to a little creepy town nobody has ...

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Shadow of War’s Singing Orc is Causing Amused Reactions

Orc army in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

The recent release of the new Middle-Earth: Shadow of War video game has made players from all over the world feel that excitement of returning to this mystical land once more. As the second installment of this series, the game follows Talion once again as he is trying to destroy the great evil that Sauron wants to bring upon the ...

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Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Can Become a Boring Routine

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War promo image

Back in 2014, when Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor was released, everyone was extremely excited about its “nemesis system”. At the time, many thought that it was the beginning of a new era of gaming. Now, it seems like that sophisticated system that allowed enemies to evolve and remember you wasn’t useful for anything else than those games. Players still find ...

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Bethesda Defends “Make America Nazi-Free Again” Slogan

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus promo image, from Bethesda

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus promises to be one of those games that will make the first installment of the franchise proud. This is exactly why Bethesda, its publisher, has done everything to make sure the game will be a success. From pushing the limits of the marketing campaign to making promises about the revelation this game will be. However, ...

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Road Redemption’s Fights are Fun but Don’t Last Long

Road Redemption screen shot

The most recent Road Rash videogame came out about 17 years ago, on the original PlayStation console. That is a very long time to wait for another installment of a franchise, but it might be worth it if the game is really good. That is not the case here, but this doesn’t mean that Road Redemption is a bad game. ...

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Xbox One X, The World’s Most Powerful Console

Xbox One X

According to designer Bryan Sparks, the inspiration for the look of the popular Xbox console came from Stanley Kubrick’s legendary movie 2001: A Space Odyssey from 1968. That masterpiece changed the way people saw and thought of science fiction forever. And Sparks said that the image the team had in mind when creating the design of the Xbox was that ...

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Assassin’s Creed: Origins Mode Teaches You About History

Assassin's Creed: Origins symbol and title

The upcoming video game Assassin’s Creed: Origins is going to offer players something that no other game has done before. Its creators will introduce an educational mode that is meant to teach players about the history of Ancient Egypt. Ubisoft announced and even showed a bit of this new mode during a press event from earlier this month, in San ...

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