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Life is Strange: Before the Storm, a Journey into the Past

Chloe in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is the prequel to the popular video game which came out in three separate episodes. However, this initiative could have gone really bad because the development team behind it is not the same from the first one. Deck Nine made these prequel episodes, also three. This time, the main characters are the very mysterious ...

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Destiny 2, Still Beautiful, Still Intense

Destiny 2 title card

In Destiny 2, players find themselves wondering through space discovering things that feel both anew and strangely familiar. According to those who managed to play most of the game, the new game doesn’t feel too different in comparison with the original. Yet, this is not something bad. It’s still beautiful and still intense to shoot dozens of aliens. However, this ...

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Nintendo Says that Mario is Not a Plumber

Action figure of Mario the plumber

Even in the video game industry, there are big news, those that leave your mouth open in shock and you cannot believe what you just read. There are also those not-so-important news, which only exist to remind you of certain things or to add various details to a big story. However, there is also a third type of news: the ...

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Knack II is a Surprisingly Good Game

Knack in-game image

Nobody expected the sequel to the Knack PlayStation 4 exclusive video game to be any good. After all, the first game wasn’t good at all. And surely, there weren’t many people who wanted a sequel, but it’s indeed a very nice thing that we ended up having one. People should know that the original game was not the most amazing ...

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Game Developers and the Way They Like to Trick Players

Video game Bioshock promo image

If a few years ago, in the beginning of the modern game era, we thought that we were really smart or video game gods if we got through a certain level or beat a certain boss, nowadays things have changed a little. Players have come to the realization that it’s not really their extraordinary skill that makes them win certain ...

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The Witcher Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Special Video

The Witcher main character, Geralt of Rivia

Fans of fantasy RPG video games in general and those of The Witcher saga in particular should know that next month, the adventures of the monster hunter Geralt of Rivia will turn ten years. So, in order to celebrate this very special occasion, CD Projekt has prepared some kind of anniversary video. It shows Geralt, the main character, along with ...

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Nintendo Announces Lots of Indie Switch Games

Nintendo Switch console

While the Nintendo Switch console is seemingly very popular and a really nice addition for console lovers, many fans have been complaining about the lack of games for it. It would surely become even more popular if people would have what to play on it. It’s true that starting March and until August, Nintendo has been releasing some interesting titles. ...

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Dota 2 Getting Bad Steam Reviews because of Half-Life 3

Main characters from Half-Life

Fans of the Half-Life series have long been waiting for a new installment of their favorite game. At one point, they admitted that they would be happy with even a word about the fate of this popular video game series. Unfortunately, since 2007, when the last game got released, Valve has kept a low profile regarding their creation. Nobody really ...

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What You Should Know about Destiny 2 PC Beta

Destiny 2 promo image with three characters

Fans of the popular video game Destiny should already know that those of them who own an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 have already had the chance to test the Destiny 2 beta version. Meanwhile, those own prefer to play video games on PC have been waiting for quite some time. Luckily for them, developer Bungie has some great ...

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, A Switch Exclusive

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle promo image

Mario, the little Italian plumber with an epic moustache has been a videogame icon since the very beginnings of this form of entertainment. And one of the most important aspects of his character is that his creators have always known how to reinvent him. He can jump and fight to save the princess, but Mario can also race cars and ...

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