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Horizon Zero Dawn: Profound and Engaging

Horizon Zero Dawn title image

Horizon Zero Dawn comes from the same studio that has offered us the very famous and popular video game franchise Killzone. However, for a long period of time, they have not done anything outside their comfort zone. Until now. The game is a mystery form the get go. It possesses a story which begs to be unveiled. It also has ...

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Destiny 2 Coming This Year After All

Destiny screenshot in game

According to some information from an anonymous person on Reddit, the much-anticipated sequel of the very popular game Destiny will run on an entirely new engine. It will come out on PC as well as on the current generation of gaming consoles. Bungie’s next installment is supposed to come out this year, according to earlier reports. However, fans have begun ...

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Valve to Make Three Full Virtual Reality Games and No Half-Life 3

Valve lobby

Valve, the developer behind massive video game hits like Portal, Half-Life and Team Fortress announced that they are working on not one, but three completely virtual reality based video games. The founder and CEO of the company, Gabe Newell, reportedly confirmed the news. He also said that those three projects are not demos or prototypes for the virtual reality technology, ...

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Resident Evil 7 and its Connection with the Other Titles

Resident Evil 7 title card, dark and creepy

Fans of the well-established survival horror video game Resident Evil were taken by surprise when Capcom announced that they would take the story into a different direction. More precisely, they were going to leave out all the iconic characters and choose a new name and face, Ethan Winters. Moreover, they replaced the third person perspective with the first person one. ...

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“Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” to Have Two Endings

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshot in game

Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma recently said that the new game, “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will have an alternate ending. However, only some players are going to see it. They are going to have to unlock it by doing certain things in-game or collecting various items. Basically, depending on how you play the game, you will get the basic ...

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China might not license Pokemon Go along with some other Games

Pokemon Go on a smartphone

The state censor in China recently said that the country will not license Nintendo’s popular mobile game Pokemon Go along with some other similar titles. The reason for this are the potential security risks which these games might pose to the country and its population.  A worldwide phenomenon Pokemon Go took the entire world by storm last year when it was ...

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Logitech presented their New Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech wireless gaming headset G533, seen for the first time, in jet black

Logitech announced the new G533 Wireless Gaming Headset and it just might be their most appealing pair of headphones ever. From the way it looks to what encompasses, the new headset incorporates performance and utility. It is different from previous headsets, but it still screams Logitech when you look at it. G533 Wireless Gaming Headset The previous two versions, the ...

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The Sequel to “ Frog Fractions “ was found in another Game

Frog fractions screenshot in-game

It seems like the long-awaited sequel to the 2012 flash game called “ Frog Fractions “ is now available. However, there is a very interesting story behind this, as the game was never released, but actually discovered. The game within a game Players recently discovered the sequel to the “ Frog Fractions “ flash game within another, pretty obscure game which ...

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