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Upcoming Street Fighter Patch Will Solve Some Old Problems

"Street Fighter V"

It seems that the upcoming Street Fighter patch will solve some old problems with the game. Ever since the latest installment of Street Fighter was released, Capcom Unity has been trying to solve the problem of unfair rage quitting that took away points from the winners and allowed the sore losers to keep theirs. But the practice will some to ...

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Drinkbox’s “Severed” Launches for PS Vita on April 26th

What is the best skill of a one-armed warrior lady? To use a living sword to chop off the limbs of their monster enemies, be they three-faced, four-armed, or six-legged. Or at least that’s what we’re supposed to believe based on the trailer of the upcoming Severed game. Brought to you by the creators of the hit multiplatform Guacamelee, the ...

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Creators Release New Details About How to Play Pokémon Go

You know you gotta catch ‘em all, but do you how? Nintendo has finally released some new details about the upcoming Pokémon smartphone game, letting users know what they should expect from the app. Because it combines traditional game techniques and augmented reality, the classics will finally come into the real world. It won’t be until later in 2016 that ...

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YouTube Gaming App Launches New Livestreaming Feature

Google’s 1.3 version of its YouTube Gaming app finally brings mobile game streaming to any Android device. Launched today, the revamped app allows all mobile games to be streamed with not specialized equipment required. The new mode uses only the device’s microphone and front camera; all devices have those, so you’re set to stream any game you downloaded. YouTube Gaming ...

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Amazon Sells and Ships Japanese Games Internationally

Have you ever paid a monumental price just to import a Japanese game into the States – or Europe, for that matter? If you’re a dedicated gamer, you surely did; but here’s some good news: Amazon Japan has finally agreed to ship video game hardware and software worldwide. No fanfare joined the quiet change – it was Twitter users that ...

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Gaming Company Capcom Sanctions Rage Quitters

Nobody likes losing, no matter what’s at stake. But it’s equally unpleasant – if not more – to have a victory snatched away from you because your losing opponent has quit at the last second. That’s why Capcom has decided to introduce some measures that will curb the rate of rage quitting when it comes to online ranked matches. Ever ...

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The Legend of Zelda Celebrates the 30th Anniversary

Next to Super Mario, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise is probably the world’s most popular video game. Mario, the moustached plumber and Link, the blonde adventurer are two of the most recognizable heroes ever created for video games. It’s time for veteran gamers to feel old once again as The Legend of Zelda celebrates the 30th anniversary since its ...

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Microsoft Celebrating Black Friday with 10 Days of 10-Cent Deals

"Microsoft 10-cent deals"

Among the many news that got our attention this week was also the one about Microsoft celebrating black Friday with 10 days of 10-cent deals. As you’ve probably already imagined, the Holiday deals that the company has prepared are mainly related to their arrays of game consoles: Xbox One and Xbox 360. The holiday season is the most anticipated time ...

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