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Monster Hunter Stories Is Releasing A Demo Next Week

monster hunter stories

The Capcom developed and published Monster Hunter is getting a new game added to its series. Titled Monster Hunter Stories, this will be available to play in the Western world starting with September 08. Players that can’t wait to get a feel of the game will be able to play it a little in advance as a demo version will ...

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Three New Persona Spin Offs Games Are In The Making

three new persona spin offs characters

Several days after Atlus announced that it would be producing a Persona 5 anime, the developer also revealed the future release of three new Persona spin offs. Two of the new games will also be quite different from what might be expected, as they will reportedly be rhythm games, so users are encouraged to ‘put on their dancing shoes’ by ...

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2017 Overwatch Summer Games Will Come With New Skins And Updates

2017 overwatch summer games players

Blizzard announced on Tuesday, August 01, that its Overwatch Summer Games event will be coming back this year, and that they will also be bringing some differences with them. According to the release, users can expect to see some new features, including sport-themed skins and a new stadium¸ among others. The 2017 Overwatch Summer Games will run for three weeks ...

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Overwatch League Players to Receive Salary, Health Insurance, and Paid Accommodations

Overwatch characters lined up

Blizzard is putting its foot down when it comes to how Overwatch league players are being treated by their teams. According to the game developer, every team competing in the league should provide their players with a $50K salary, health insurance, and other benefits some professional gamers only dream about. Whomever Said Gaming Is Not Profitable? Season 1 of the ...

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Pyre, at the Convergence of Art, Gameplay and Music

Pyre promo image

At first it was Bastion, an impressive tale which described how being lonely in the middle of the apocalypse felt. Then, it was Transistor, a beautiful blend of love, mystery and an amazing combat system. Now, it’s Pyre from the same studio called Supergiant Games. This game sits at the convergence of beautiful art, gameplay and emotional music, like all ...

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Splatoon 2 is Nothing New, but it Doesn’t Need to Be

Splatoon 2 promo image

The original Splatoon videogame kind of reinvented the way players saw shooters. It got rid of the guns and bullets and replaced them with paint guns. The game also offered a new alternative to those older multiplayer shooters that seemed all the same. Now, two years after the original game, its sequel, called simple, Splatoon 2, continues that trend. Not ...

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Beta for Destiny 2 Has Been Extended

Destiny 2 promo image

The Beta for the upcoming videogame Destiny 2 was initially going to end on July 23, 9 p.m. Pacific time. However, the developers prepared a surprise for the fans of the series and extended the Beta. It will now end on July 25, at 6 p.m. Pacific time. The developers offered 48 more hours of experience for the players, in ...

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“Kingdom Hearts 3” and What’s Taken So Long

Kingdom Hearts promo image

Twelve years ago, the very popular Kingdom Hearts 2 videogame was coming out for the PlayStation 2. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next instalment of the beloved franchise. They wanted to get the chance to go on adventures with Sora and the friends once again. Indeed, there have been numerous spin-offs, remakes and other releases, but ...

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Destiny 2 is Bound for Success, Report Says

Destiny 2 logo

The hugely-acclaimed Destiny videogame became a worldwide phenomenon when it launched. It immediately gathered an enormous user base full of dedicated fans who would not stop playing the game. However, some gamers were extremely disappointed when they found out that game was not going to come out on PC. This is why the developers decided to change the story a ...

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Still Weird, but Improved

Final Fantasy XII screenshot

In this very popular series that is Final Fantasy, the 12th installment has always been considered that weird kid. Mainly because the way the game was made. It was a little different from all the others, with a combat system in real-time resembling a massively multiplayer game. However, the game still kept that feeling of adventure when the main character ...

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