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Five Nights at Freddy’s Creator Messing with Fans, Again

Five Nights at Freddy's screenshot

The creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s horror videogame series appears to be making fun of the fans, again. Scott Cawthon created this unusual game which has a very big fan base. And while everybody expected his next project to be the sixth installment of this franchise, he unexpectedly announced that he has cancelled this project. Moreover, he stated that ...

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Activision Says More Crash Games Could Happen

Crash Bandicoot screenshot

With the long-anticipated release of the N. Sane Trilogy for the PlayStation 4, the Crash series appears to be back into the spotlight, where it belongs. This new release is actually a package which contains some updated versions of the first three games in the series. Still, fans of the popular videogame are still waiting for the release of a ...

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Valkyria Revolution, Different from the Rest of the Series

Characters from the Valkyria series

Just because fans of the Valkyria series will surely notice some drastic changes in this new installment of the beloved tactical RPG series, it doesn’t mean that the game is not good. On the contrary. Valyria Revolution is exactly what the title suggests, a revolution. The game is entirely different in the sense that it brings a whole new world ...

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Sega Wants to Reinvent Retro Gaming

Sega wants to reinvent retro gaming

About 20 years ago, Sega decided that it was time to quit the video game console business. However, it’s important to note that the company still has some of the most popular and iconic classic characters and catalogs. This is probably why the company has decided to do something about it and came up with the Sega Forever initiative. The ...

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Pokemon Go Undergoing Changes for Anniversary

Pokemon Go on a smartphone

In order to celebrate its anniversary, the very-popular mobile game Pokemon Go is undergoing some changes. Many of those will affects the gyms, which from now on will be more accessible. Also, players will soon be able to team up with each other and go on raids to battle the most dangerous and powerful Pokemon ever. Some fans might be ...

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“Shadow of the Tomb Raider” Leaks Provide More Info

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

Recently, leaked concept art from the next installment of the Tomb Raider franchise revealed some interesting new information. The conceptual images seem to show Egyptian pyramids and the official name of the upcoming game. At this year’s E3, publisher Square Enix didn’t reveal anything about the new “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” game. The only game they presented was “Life ...

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Sony and the Concept of PS4 Exclusivity

Sony PS4 Slim

Sony is maybe the strongest contender when it comes to this console generation. This is mainly because its PS4 has more and more exclusive titles which the company constantly uses to attract players. The last few years have been like this and this year’s E3 is no different. However, there is another concept that seems to be bothering a lot ...

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“Days Gone” Trailer Focuses on Zombies and Stealth

"Days Gone" features zombies and stealth

Upcoming zombie action game “Days Gone” opened Sony’s E3 2017 press conference. It’s very interesting that the game has actually been officially revealed at last year’s E3. However, this year, Sony brought a gameplay demo for the fans, to offer a more intricate view on what this game is going to be all about. As expected, it’s full of zombies ...

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Sony Announces “Monster Hunter World” at E3

Monster Hunter promo image

At this year’s E3, Sony didn’t announce too many new titles. Instead, the company chose to focus more on already popular franchises like “God of War 4” or “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy”. However, there was one reveal that took everybody by surprise. Sony officially announced “Monster Hunter World”, a new game which will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and ...

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