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The Flock is an online horror game with an expiry clock

Most of the multiplayer games in the gaming industry come with a shelf life, people enjoy the games for a while and hype build among the users. Then the number of players in the games goes down rapidly and the multiplayer will ultimately get shut down due to less number of users. The new game entitled with “The Flock” enters ...

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Sony unveils energy-efficient 1TB PlayStation 4

The eager crowd at E3 event hoped that Sony would unveil a 1TB PlayStation 4 model, but the upcoming game titles grabbed the attention. However, Sony announced today that a new version of PS4 with 1TB storage. The new model will be lighter and power-efficient as the description claims that it will use eight percent less-power and will weigh 2.5kg, ...

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E3 2015: Not only games, women and female avatars steals the show

It looks like, there is no longer a man’s show in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 2015). Recently, in the video game extravaganza, several women, including virtual as well as real, have featured more. While compared to the past several years of annual trade show, in which game used to unveil their upcoming games, this year, a number of women have featured ...

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Preview: No Man’s Sky is truly a Universe-sized game

Ever since Hello Games announced their latest title No Man’s Sky at the 2013 VGX awards, and a formal reveal at Sony’s E3 press conference in 2014, the first person 3D exploration game has gained immense attention. The features a total of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (2^64) for exploration and each one will offer unique, animals, resources, landscapes and colors. The game generates ...

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Capcom’s Street Fighter V features new fighting mechanics

Street Fighter V, Capcom’s much-waited game for PS4 features new fighting techniques that are likely to meet the expectations of players. The developer has claimed that Street Fighter 4 is nothing when compared to the new game that is set to release soon. Since 2008, Capcom has been releasing a new version of Street Fighter every year for PC and other platforms. ...

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E3 2015 roundup: New games released for Xbox, PS4 and Wii U [Videos]

During the press event of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3 2015 on Monday, the major players in the gaming industry showed their plans for the next year of gaming. More than 50,000 gaming industry attendees packed the Los Angeles convention center to try out new games and hardware. Microsoft: The crowd welcomed Microsoft’s promise of backward compatibility for ...

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