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Pokémon Fans Protest Over Pikachu Cantonese Translation in Hong Kong

Back at the dawn of gaming, no-one could predict the unbelievable worldwide success Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise will have. Since its release in 1996, the game has expanded to movies, comic books, and merchandise. Fans have become obsessed by plenty of the characters featured in the franchise, but Pikachu, the familiar yellow-furred mouse is a clear favorite – even among collectors. ...

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No Man’s Sky Debut Has Been Pushed Back

It’s no use making a fuss about it: the debut of No Man’s Sky, the indie space-exploration game, has been pushed back. With a previous launch date set this June, the game was much awaited, but Kotaku reported that anonymous sources said it would be delayed. There was a bit of an uproar in response, as a number of gamers ...

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Third Hitman Takes Players to Marrakech

"Hitman character holding two guns"

Hitman fans have been waiting for a while for a new instalment in the franchise. Luckily, it seems that they won’t have to wait much longer. Square Enix just announced that the third Hitman will hit the market on the 31st of May. Players will thus have the opportunity to test their skills on the crowded streets of Marrakech. “Following ...

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Microsoft Finally Brings Minecraft To China

Gamers in China – rejoice! You will soon be able to enjoy creating things out of virtual blocks as Minecraft will finally be launched in your country. The three-way partnership between Microsoft, Sweden-based game studio Mojang, and Chinese Internet company NetEase was announced on Friday, making a lot of gamers go berserk with joy. Minecraft has been around for a ...

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Pokémon Go Open To U.S. Game Testers

If you’re a Pokémon fan but you also like spending time outside, there’s might be a way you could combine the two, thanks to The Pokémon Company and Alphabet’s Niantic Labs. It’s been some months since the long-awaited Pokémon Go has started ‘field testing’ around the world, with focus on Asia and Australia. But Nintendo believes it’s time for the ...

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Check Virtual Boy Games via Google Cardboard Headset

The Nintendo 3DS has made a name for itself as the Nintendo 3D gaming platform, but it is not the company’s first dive into the stereoscopic land. Remember the Virtual Boy? In spite of its short-lived stint and the dramatic end, this device was the first to introduce Nintendo fans to 3D gaming. The ‘torture’ equipment was an unpleasant blot ...

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Crown and Council: Minecraft Dev Launches Free Game for Steam

Mojang became widely popular after the smashing hit that was – and still is – Minecraft. However, after it launched various other iteration of the game, Mojang went relatively quiet. However, after Mojang was purchased by Microsoft, the company started cooking a new game in the oven, and just today, the official Mojang website has announced Crown and Council, a ...

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Upcoming Street Fighter Patch Will Solve Some Old Problems

"Street Fighter V"

It seems that the upcoming Street Fighter patch will solve some old problems with the game. Ever since the latest installment of Street Fighter was released, Capcom Unity has been trying to solve the problem of unfair rage quitting that took away points from the winners and allowed the sore losers to keep theirs. But the practice will some to ...

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Drinkbox’s “Severed” Launches for PS Vita on April 26th

What is the best skill of a one-armed warrior lady? To use a living sword to chop off the limbs of their monster enemies, be they three-faced, four-armed, or six-legged. Or at least that’s what we’re supposed to believe based on the trailer of the upcoming Severed game. Brought to you by the creators of the hit multiplatform Guacamelee, the ...

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