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Weekly browser game #1 – Hexel, a mind game by Poki

Mind Games are most addictive games in this globe, which makes you to keep on playing them without your knowledge. Here is one of the top-notch Mind game, Hexel which allows you to increase your IQ level with its excellent game play. In Poki Games website, the publisher has mentioned as, Slide the dots together to create new colors! Hexel is a spinning ...

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Unearthed Atari games from landfill fetch more than $100k on eBay

Last year, a stockpile of Atari game cartridges was dug up in a New Mexico landfill, and has now generated more than $100,000 in the last several months. Joe Lewandowski, a consultant for film companies that documented retrieval of games, announced the figure at an Almogordo City Commission meeting, last week. About 850 games were sold on eBay, and the ...

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Angry Birds 2 game is coming to desktops/browsers through Poki

Angry Birds is one of the most popular games available on smartphones. And those of you are aware of the movements of the mobile gaming world must be aware that Rovio has recently launched an official sequel to its hit game, ‘Angry Birds’. The makers believe that Angry Birds 2 is going to be an even bigger hit among the ...

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