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Watch Dogs 2 and what it did better than its Predecessor

Watch Dogs 2 main character Marcus and Wrench, in a screenshot from the game

When you are young, rebellious, angry with the system and you happen to have some useful skills, what do you do? You become the unconventional means to put things in order and to punish the bad guys. It sounds like the work of a talented hacker, doesn’t it? This is what Watch Dogs 2 is all about. Same idea, better ...

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Nintendo Switch has been unveiled. What is it exactly?


Yesterday, Nintendo surprised everybody when they announced their new game console. After ten years of waiting, it seems like Nintendo wants back in the game. And they have come up with a very special kind of console. The Nintendo Switch is a “shapeshifter console”. It may sound bizarre, but it is exactly that. A gaming console which changes its shape. ...

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Final Fantasy 15 and what novelties does it bring

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 15 has been long awaited by both fans and casual gamers. Some were eager to see what the new game will bring, while others were impatient to play a new game, in a new universe, and to encounter new characters. The game itself claims that it is destined for both avid fans and first-timers. And indeed, the game ...

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Titanfall 2 to get the Angel City DLC for Free


The Angel City map is reportedly going to be available for Titanfall 2 multiplayer in December. Respawn Entertainment has also said that the map will be entirely free for those who are going to buy the sequel. Angel City is one of the most popular maps in the original game which was adored and played by many fans of the ...

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What we know about Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC

Dark Souls

Last week, Dark Souls 3 director and From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed some new details about the awaited DLC for Dark Souls 3, titled Ashes of Ariandel. Different from the base game But first things first. He told us that this add-on will have a different style and even a different theme from the original Dark Souls 3 game. ...

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