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Outlast 2 is Scary but Repetitive

Logo of Outlast 2

In the first Outlast videogame, the only choice you had was to either run or hide in order to survive. And this is maybe what impressed the experts and players. That sense of being a complete victim, with no means to defend yourself. Now, three years later, the second installment in the franchise keeps that feeling alive. However, everything is ...

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The Amazing World of Yooka Laylee Game

Yooka Laylee screenshot

Yooka Laylee gained its popularity, being one of the most successful game Kickstarter. Initially, the game appeared as a Kickstarter which had an insignificant purpose. Due to fans’ attention and the help of some of the developers from Rare, the game surpassed its initial Kickstarter goal, further developing the objective of the game. This game bring back memories regarding Banjo ...

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Nintendo announced 12 New Switch Games during Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Switch console

During the Nintendo Direct event on Wednesday, the company revealed some new titles. Those will be coming to their Nintendo Switch console, later this year. The lineup looks solid and it is made up of 12 new titles, apart from the big names like Minecraft, ARMS, Splatoon 2 and a new amiibo. Fans will be able to play those games ...

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Details on Overwatch Insurrection Event Leak

Overwatch Insurrection event title card

A new trailer might have leaked some rather important details about Overwatch’s Insurrection event. The event will reportedly also include a series of new skins for players to try and many other cosmetics to collect. This trailer, which PlayStation France posted on YouTube and since then deleted, reveals what looks like a brand new cooperative mode which might be horde-style. ...

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“League of Legends” Has Two New Champions

League of Legends champions

It seems like the “League of Legends” public beta now has two new champions.  And interestingly enough, they are two lovers. Their names are Rakan and Xayah. Rakan the Charmer supports the couple with shields. Apart from that, he is a very mobile fighter which has some very interesting abilities. He can leap into the air or sprint into battle. ...

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More Destiny 2 Details and Info Leak

Official promo image from Destiny 2

Last week, Bungie officially announced the highly-anticipated sequel to the very popular videogame Destiny. The follow-up is going to bear the simple name Destiny 2. With the official announcement of the game, Bungie also revealed its release date as being on September 8, this year. The game will be reportedly available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, even if this ...

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Destiny 2, Officially Announced

Official Destiny image

Yesterday, developer Bungie and publisher Activision announced the much-anticipated sequel of the 2014 videogame, Destiny. The game’s official name is simple: Destiny 2. The announcement was made on the game’s official Twitter account. The announcement was equally simple. The Twitter post contained only an image with the logo of the sequel. A sequel The official logo displays the word “Destiny”. ...

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Has Its Issues, but it is a Good Game

Mass Effect: Andromeda screenshot

The first few hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda did not impress critics at all. They were full of bugs, technical issues, repetitive quests and land characters and dialogue. Those were all problems which a respected and very long RPG like the ones from the Mass Effect series should not have. However, those who said to wait for the full game ...

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Sonic Mania Delayed while Project Sonic 2017 has New Title

Sonic Mania official title art

Sega came at the SXSW 2017, as it promised, and made some interesting announcements about two of their upcoming video games. And they both have Sonic, the blue hedgehog, as their central character. One is the classic collection called Sonic Mania and the other one was the previously untitled Project Sonic 2017. However, not both of those announcements excited the ...

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