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Sergio Wallache

The young-turk of the team, he is responsible for reporting all the rumors and leaks related to gadgets and software. Other than collecting valuable information on trending rumors, he also likes to write about social media and IT security.

This southeast Asian animal is to extinct soon

Every week, we are being hammered through a news related to species extinction – most of them are dumb animals. This time, a sad news for animal lovers, as one more rarest animal has been listed in the extinction list. Also known as Dicerorhinus sumatrensis, Sumatran rhinos are of the three species of rhinos native to Asia. It is also the ...

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Fossil study reveals climate change’s effects on dog evolution

It’s quite possible that a shifting climate millions of years ago helped make dogs what they are today. A recent study published in Nature Communications has shed light on the consequences of climate change on dogs. Researchers report that based on the analysis of wolf and dog remains dating back to 40 million years ago, it’s likely that the animals ...

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This is how Mozilla Firefox plans to counter Google Chrome

Mozilla is now in the process of making another major change to its popular browser Firefox. The company announced on Friday that it would overhaul the way developers can create add-ons, allowing greater compatibility for extensions built for Google Chrome. Mozilla is now adopting a new extension API that will be largely compatible with the one currently in use by other ...

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US crude oil price hit an all time low since 2009

A barrel of U.S. crude oil has fallen below $40 per barrel for the first time since the end of the global economic crisis. The price of oil has fallen for eight consecutive weeks, the longest since 1986. Oil is down 34 percent from its high of $61.43 this year and 62 percent from its high of $107.26 last year. ...

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Ants use their smell sense to differentiate members of its society

Ants have yet again surprised the scientists. A new study published suggests that ants use their powerful sense of smell to identify the different members of their society. The study was conducted by UC Riverside researchers, led by Dr. Anandasankar Ray. The researchers tested the hydrocarbons present on the outer shells of the worker ants and cuticles of the queen ants ...

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This recently discovered dinosaur footprint in Germany stuns scientists

Scientists have discovered an evidence that 142 million years ago, two carnivorous dinosaurs strolled side-by-side down a beach. The new findings, which were made in Germany, may provide insight into the two hunters’ ‘social’ lives. Some 142 million years ago, a couple of dinosaurs were strolling in what is present day Germany’s coast. The prints suggest the dinosaurs were not in ...

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Pluto is still in its youth and growing, reveals new images by New Horizons

The recent images from NASA’s New Horizon’s studies the amazing terrain inside Pluto and revealed that the little planet might still be developing. These images suggest the diverse range of features on Pluto’s surface and an atmosphere subjugated by nitrogen gas. However, the lesser mass of the planet allows thousands of tons of atmospheric nitrogen to pass into the space each hour. The spacecraft ...

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