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Sara Rose

She has spent the past 4 years playing the role of an IT consultant, and has now joined The Next Digit as a full time blogger. Her current profession is a result of her deep experience in computer gadgets, laptops, gaming accessories and other tech updates.

Dyson Launches Air Purifier Connected to ‘Internet of Things’

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It’s been more than two decades since Dyson rose to fame with their then-innovative bagless vacuum cleaners. In the meantime, the U.K. company has been launching everything from heaters to hand-dryers and air multipliers and washing machines. Aiming to help the population of China breathe fresher air, Dyson launched last year its first ever air purifier. The device was marketed ...

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Rumor Has It Snapchat Paid $100 Million for Bitmoji’s Company

Rumor has it that Snapchat, the ephemeral video messaging app, has just paid $100 million for Bitstrips, a Toronto-based startup that builds the famous Bitmojis. The news was first reported by Fortune, which cited a source familiar with the deal, and Wall Street Journal followed shortly after to confirm that Snapchat Inc. has agreed to pay a little over $100 ...

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Twitter CEO Says ‘No’ to Expanding 140-character Limit

Earlier this year, Twitter was rumored to explore the possibility of expanding its iconic 140-character tweet limit. But unfortunately for all the users who hoped they could soon write an inspirational essay in tweet form, CEO Jack Dorsey has some bad news. It seems the limit is here to stay, as Dorsey said in an interview on Friday. “It’s staying. ...

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LastPass Launches Two-Factor Authentication System

We are absolutely rubbish when it comes to keeping things secret. We are even worse – if that’s possible – at keeping various access keys secret, such as passwords. This is how a whole market has been invented, a market that thrives on our inability to keep our passwords safe. LastPass is one of those services that aim to help ...

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Sony Launches Future Lab Project for User Feedback

The PlayStation gaming world isn’t the only thing Sony is known for, nor is their audio equipment. Their smartphone business didn’t take off as the company hoped it would, but there’s something else Sony is proud of. Over the past couple of years, a new and stranger Sony emerged, showing us only glimpses of its willingness to experiment and try ...

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Hound’s Virtual Assistant Faster and More Accurate than Siri

SoundHound is a pretty popular music recognition app, similar to Shazam. It listens to music you’re playing and tells you to the name of the song and the artist. However, SoundHound has expanded its horizon by working on a virtual assistant to outperform Google Now, Siri and Cortana. In the incubator for the past nine years, the app is now ...

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Phishing Scam Targets Snapchat Employees’ Personal Data

After a phishing scam succeeded on Friday to expose the payroll information of some Snapchat employees, CEO Evan Spiegel wrote them a letter to express his deepest apologies. A phishing scam typically directs a user to a fake website requesting personal information that the legitimate organization would otherwise have. And this is what happened as a scammer impersonating CEO Evan ...

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Driving Angry Increases the Risk of an Accident Tenfold

According to a new study, talking on the phone, being tired or eating are not nearly as dangerous behind the steering wheel as is being sad or angry. A lot of highways now display signs drivers to pull over if they feel tired, but this new study conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute suggests that it’s even more important to ...

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The LG Rolling Bot: A Techie Companion For Your Pet

The Mobile World Congress that’s now taking place in Barcelona, Spain, is bound to amaze consumers with some really insane products. Such is the case of LG’s new approach to ball technology, which is either the most ridiculous or the most brilliant smart gadget presented so far. The LG Rolling Bot looks like the combination between the cute Star Wars ...

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Facebook’s Suicide Prevention Tool Launches in the UK

Facebook has become one of those platforms where users share absolutely everything – from curious news stories to pregnancy announcements and sometimes even their darkest thoughts. For years, all that users had to go on in terms of flagging a potential self-harm situation was a clunky web form. However, the social network then got around to providing users with a ...

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