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Sara Rose

She has spent the past 4 years playing the role of an IT consultant, and has now joined The Next Digit as a full time blogger. Her current profession is a result of her deep experience in computer gadgets, laptops, gaming accessories and other tech updates.

Angry Birds Transformers to rock on iOS first, Android later

Rovio is all set to unveil an all new avatar of Angry Birds in October 2014. The slingshot app has got a complete makeover in its latest version and is hitting your handsets very soon. The game adorns a transformers theme where the angered birds have lots more to chirp about. All your slingshot friends are now transformed as Autobirds ...

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Passport, a CRAZY SQUARE smartphone from BlackBerry

Smartphone maker Blackberry is trying to just unveiled its latest device called Passport. Hailed as a game changer, this is not just a smart phone with a QWERTY keyboard. The unique thing about this mobile is its shape. Blackberry Passport is a square shaped device with a dual-control physical keyboard. Launched on September 24, the Canadian Company hopes to increase ...

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GM makes Cadillac a separate business, moved headquarters to New York

New York City is going to have a luxurious September as the luxury car brand Cadillac enters Manhattan. Though the formal entry of the auto brand is set in 2015, when this General Motors division will shift to its new global headquarters. The plan is to setup an all new Cadillac organization and outset on a journey as a separate business ...

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XSS password-stealing security holes still haunt eBay

If you shop online, we must alert you to be very careful. It is not all sunny and full of freebies on eCommerce platforms. ECommerce platforms like eBay, Amazon or Best Buy offer loads of discounts to keep the shoppers happy, but there are many security concerns with these platforms. The problem lies in the storage and security of enormous ...

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Google stops forcing new Gmail users to sign up for Google+

Google is not just a search engine – it is much more. The technology giant offers almost all of its services for free. Gmail is a great email service launched in 2004. There are billions of users using Gmail every and new sign ups are increasing rapidly. Another service Google+ is the company’s second stint with social networking after Orkut. ...

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iPhone 6 costs a fortune in the Chinese Black Market

Apple, the innovative gadget maker, launched the latest version of its flagship phone few days ago. iPhone 6, the all new avatar made headlines as the company says it isn’t simply bigger – it’s better in every way. Apple fans all over the world have already stormed the stores for the new variants, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The ...

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Red Hat acquires FeedHenry, reportedly for $82 million

Red Hat, a known open-source software company, adds a feather in its cap today. The corporation primarily known for its tremendous contributions towards Linux, acquired a mobile application development platform called FeedHenry. FeedHenry, acquired for $82 million, is surely worth its money. Red Hat can now extend its support to mobile application development with an expert team from this Irish ...

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Lil Wayne may lose his domain name Young Money

In 2011, Lil Wayne purchased a domain named ‘youngmoney.com’ from a personal finance company Young Money Media. The actual cost of this domain was $600,000, but Lil Wayne, who is always in news for wrong reasons, is yet to make complete payment for the domain. Now, the company owning this domain name has sued Lil Wayne for non-payment. The Young ...

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Pew Report: Governments are dangerous for Internet than Malware

Rumors surrounding commercialization of online operations have been around since last few years, but there was no concrete proof to believe these rumors. Amidst all these rumors, people have continued raising questions about the future of open Internet after the increase in surveillance from corporations and government. Pew Research Center conducted a survey on future threats to the Internet by ...

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