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Sara Rose

She has spent the past 4 years playing the role of an IT consultant, and has now joined The Next Digit as a full time blogger. Her current profession is a result of her deep experience in computer gadgets, laptops, gaming accessories and other tech updates.

How Australia Looks out for Phone Addicts

"How Australia Looks out for Phone Addicts"

Australia looks out for phone addicts because we’re now officially glued to our smartphones. It’s easy to get distracted while you’re on the street, browsing through the news or check-in up on what’s new in your Facebook news feed. It’s also easy for something bad to happen to you if you can’t take your eyes off the screen while crossing ...

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Google Asks for Suggestions for Name of Android N

Google seems to be stumped. As it announced its latest Android OS at I/O 2016, the company said they need help coming up with the next dessert-themed name for it. We’re used to the quirky names Google chooses for its OS, starting with the first confectionary in alphabetic order. At first, there was Cupcake, followed by Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, ...

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The Brick Wall Illusion Is the Latest Internet Trend

"Brick Wall Illusion"

Were you tired of the gold and white, black and blue dress? Well now the brick wall illusion is the latest internet trend, and people are going wild trying to figure out the hidden object in the picture. According to the legend, whoever finds the abnormality in less than five minutes is a genius, judging by internet standards, of course. ...

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Google Rumored to Launch Rival for Amazon Echo

As Google I/O kicks off on Wednesday, rumor has it that the search giant will be debuting a new rival to Amazon Echo. Whether it’s called Google Home or Google Chirp or, the device represents a new dive into artificial intelligence. According to the New York Times, Google’s voice-activated gadget will be called Google Home, confirming what Recode had already ...

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Amazon Quietly Sells more than 100 New Versions of the Dash Button

'Amazon’s Dash button to order Tide Pods and Powder"

Amazon recently rolled out more than 100 versions of the Dash button that can do much more than order detergent or toilet paper. Sadly, before it even became news, the items had already sold out. The company listed the buttons in great secrecy earlier this week. The AWS IoT Buttons are newer versions of the Dash button, which allows customers ...

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Users Disgruntled By Instagram’s New Logo

From time to time, companies just decide they want a makeover. When you woke up this morning and started checking your notifications, you might have been surprised by a new, colorful app icon you didn’t know you had. It was Instagram, with its redesigned logo and interface. The icon of the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is now completely unrecognizable – and ...

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India Turns Down Apple’s Push to Import Used iPhones, Again

'Young Indian Texting'

The Indian government recently rejected the iPhone maker’s request to flood the Indian market with used smartphones. Regulators argued that the move would have a negative impact on the country’s economy and undermine its ‘Make in India’ program. The announcement was made Tuesday by an official of the Indian telecommunications ministry. The official, who agreed to speak under the condition ...

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Keeping Distracted Texters Safe with Ground Traffic Lights

alt="A young man texts as he crosses the road"

It happened to you at least once – you were so caught up in replying to a text while you were walking that you nearly ran into a lamp post. In Germany, they have a name for people who can walk with their noses in the smartphone’s screen, oblivious to other people, potential obstacles, and traffic: “smombies” – or smartphone ...

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Viber Also Adopts End-to-end Encryption For All Messages

Just a few weeks ago, WhatsApp incorporated end-to-end encryption into its messaging service. And now it’s Viber’s turn, another major messaging platform that joined the wave of apps to update their privacy features. With more than 711 million users on Viber, the app decided to introduce end-to-end encryption for all messages and calls, including group chats. In case you didn’t ...

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Facebook Launches Accessibility Feature Using Artificial Intelligence

alt="Matt King"

Facebook has just announced that it is improving accessibility on the social network by launching a new feature called automatic alternative text. It means that people who use screen readers – software that vocally describes what’s onscreen – can now receive summaries of the elements captured in photos posted on Facebook. Before this update, a screen reader’s automated voice would ...

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