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Hackers stole Information from 500 Million Yahoo Accounts


The internet giant Yahoo said that some “state-sponsored” hackers managed to steal information from around 500 million users. This might be the largest cyber-breach in history. The hack disclosed lots of personal data, addresses, names, emails and even security questions and their answers. It took place in 2014 The hack reportedly happened in 2014, but just know it has been ...

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Why Apple’s iPhone 7 wins the Battle against Samsung

iPhone 7

You may call the year 2016 however you want. But when it comes to smartphones, it was at least interesting. Firstly, Samsung introduced the newest, sleekest and most improved smartphone ever. Then it had to recall some of them because they were… you know… exploding! We know that the Note 7 is back in stores but with the disaster it ...

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What we know about Dark Souls 3: Ashes of Ariandel DLC

Dark Souls

Last week, Dark Souls 3 director and From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed some new details about the awaited DLC for Dark Souls 3, titled Ashes of Ariandel. Different from the base game But first things first. He told us that this add-on will have a different style and even a different theme from the original Dark Souls 3 game. ...

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North Korea ’s Internet. What does it look like?

North Korea

Everybody now knows that North Korea famously bans access to the internet for its people. But as a matter of fact, North Korea actually has a few web sites that work. Some of them even visible from outside the country. Most of them have always been accessible, but recently, a comprehensive list which includes all of them has been released ...

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Google finally launches Allo, its Own Messaging App


Google long promised us that it would release a messaging app. Now is that time. Initially, both Allo and Duo (the video calling app) were supposed to get released at the same time. While Duo launched a few weeks ago, Allo just now saw the light of day, when it’s practically autumn. Its website is now functional and it explains ...

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League of Legends launches Board Game Spinoff

League of Legends

The extremely popular online strategy game League of Legends (played by more than 100 million people monthly) is releasing a board game spinoff. The game will be called Mechs vs. Minions. Behind it is the same team that also made the popular online video game, Riot Games. The new board game is supposed to combine the strategy elements from League ...

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HTC ’s new Phones: Focused on Selfies and Sound


This morning, at a late-night press conference, the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC revealed a pair of new, similarly named phones. They are an addition to their midrange phones.  We are talking about the HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle and Pro. Agreed, it has a very business-like name but, surprisingly, it is actually a device made especially for users who like to take ...

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Pokemon Go knows Where You Are. Is it A Problem?

Pokemon Go

Recently, some experts on privacy have raised a few questions regarding Pokemon Go’s ability to know exactly where you are, at any moment. And location is not the only thing that the creators of the game know about you. The game requires access to photos, files, camera and contacts on your phone. Interesting, right? Pokemon Go creator Niantic recently declared: ...

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MacBook Pro 2016 may Come Out in October

MacBook Pro

According to some recent reports, Apple may release the new MacBook Pro 2016 on October 26. Even if some other sources do not have an exact date, it is indeed expected that Apple will unveil the new laptop by the end of 2016. And if the release date is indeed this close, this is as good a time as any ...

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Ubisoft’s South Park RPG delayed until Next Year

South Park

The South Park TV show has its own game. An RPG called South Park: Fractured but Whole. Interesting to say the least. Unfortunately, the team behind it all delayed the release of the game. The Ubisoft official blog explains that the team working on the game needs to make sure the game meets with the fans’ high expectations. They don’t want ...

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