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Technology Giants team up to eliminate Worries about artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Some of the world’s biggest and most important technology companies teamed up. The purpose? To enlighten people in regard with the artificial intelligence development. The giants we are talking about are Facebook, Google (and its DeepMind subsidiary), Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. They are planning to develop a non-profit organization which will deal with the research of artificial intelligence (or AI). ...

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Spotify in talks to buy SoundCloud. Will this mean Music Service domination?


Reportedly, Spotify is in advanced talks to buy music streaming service SoundCloud. The service is very appreciated because it helps new bands and artists become famous by promoting their music. Now, there are reports which say that Spotify wants to buy SoundCloud. This is not the first time this happens. Two years ago, Twitter wanted to acquire it. Eventually, they ...

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Blackberry will no longer produce Hardware. Is this the End for them?


It seems like phone giant Blackberry has finally confirmed the rumors. It announced that it will cease the hardware production and instead focus on software and services. The company announced the Fiscal 2017 financials and revealed it only made $352 million during the last quarter. But financial problems aside, CEO John Chen said that the company will now focus on ...

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Level of cybercrime is growing in 2016. Here’s what you must know


Recently, cybercrime has been reaching very high levels all around the world. Especially this year. But experts say that it may grow a lot more in the years to come. This is information provided by the Europol. The agency also warned people that some trends are growing larger with each passing day and that cyber offences are slowly taking the ...

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Snapchat releases its Camera-Glasses called Spectacles


It seems like Smart Glasses are slowly but surely becoming a thing. Even if they have some interesting features, most Smart Glasses look horrible and people would not want to wear them all the time. But Snapchat’s Spectacles might just be the next step. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that they will be released this fall. Also Snap, Inc. which ...

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Disney rumored to buy Twitter. Will it work?


This is indeed an unlikely pair. An entertainment giant and a popular social platform. It is strange, but it may not be the strangest thing to ever happen. On Monday, Bloomberg reported that Disney is thinking about buying Twitter. They are joining a growing list of companies like Microsoft Corp. or Google Inc. This is indeed an old and long ...

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge catches Fire in Philippines


It looks like Galaxy Note 7 is not the only exploding Samsung phone. Oh no! Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the next one on the exploding list. But let’s start with the beginning. When more and more people started experiencing the fiery temper (see what I did there?) of the Note 7 phone, the producers said that they would recall ...

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Facebook has apologized for Censoring Palestinian Journalists


Facebook has reportedly apologized for disabling the accounts of some Palestinian journalists. The company says that people reported the accounts for violating the Facebook community standards. Some people think that the incident has to do with Israel’s campaign against online violence. Four editors and three executives had their accounts suspended on Friday. The journalists did not receive any information regarding ...

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LinkedIn is making serious Changes. Will this make it your new favorite Social Network?


Today, LinkedIn revealed a complete makeover of their famous social platform. This is the first step on the path to becoming THE social platform. The changes include a complete redesign of the desktop, an expansion of the messaging feature and even a trending news feed. All of these changes come right after Microsoft has bought LinkedIn. A change of direction? ...

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Hackers stole Information from 500 Million Yahoo Accounts


The internet giant Yahoo said that some “state-sponsored” hackers managed to steal information from around 500 million users. This might be the largest cyber-breach in history. The hack disclosed lots of personal data, addresses, names, emails and even security questions and their answers. It took place in 2014 The hack reportedly happened in 2014, but just know it has been ...

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