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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon: what you need to know

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon logos on white backgrund

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are out now. While veterans might know what they are all about, newbies should know that those are essentially two parts of a game. And they are coming out at maybe the best time possible. It is true that Pokemon Go is not as popular as it was a few months ago, but fans of ...

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SpaceX to launch 4 425 Satellites in order to provide better Internet Speed

SpaceX satellite seen orbiting around the Earth

People know SpaceX for it ambition to make space travel private but now it seems like they might become Internet providers too. They have reportedly recently asked the Federal Communication Commission for permission to launch 4 425 satellites into the Earth’s orbit. This number is actually huge. To prove a better understanding of it, we can tell you that currently, ...

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The new Tesla – SolarCity Deal and what we know about it

Tesla and SolarCity logos side by side, in red and green

After the majority of Tesla ’s shareholders approved the plans to acquire solar energy company SolarCity, CEO Elon Musk amazed everyone with an announcement. According to him, a solar roof for your house will cost even less than a normal roof. It will just give you energy, look nice and last longer. Now that is something! This announcement was made ...

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Game Awards 2016, Nominees and News

Game Awards trophy, depincting an angel with her wings spread

The 2016 Game Awards Ceremony will take place on December 1st at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The award show recognizes the best video games which came out before November 24. The concept was created only two years ago. The 2016 nominees were announced on Tuesday. Among them there are some huge games like Naughty Dog’s “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”, Electronic ...

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Russia has officially blocked LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo with a key

On Thursday, Roskomnadzor, Russia’s state internet watchdog seems to have blocked LinkedIn in the country. The announcement was made on their website and Roskomnadzor said that all the internet providers in the country must oblige. What was the problem? The problem with the website which helps people find jobs and provides resources for employers was that it stored user’s personal ...

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Microsoft and Elon Musk’s OpenAI partner to research Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI logo on a white background in partnership with Microsoft

According to a blog post from Microsoft, which was posted on Tuesday, they have partnered with OpenAI. OpenAI is Elon Musk’s nonprofit company which deals with research of artificial intelligence. Reportedly, the company will have access to Microsoft’s virtual machine technology. This project runs large-scale AI training and simulation exercises. In exchange, Microsoft will be able to further research artificial ...

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Google‘s PhotoScan app will let you digitize old Photos

PhotoScan official logo

There is one question that has been in many people’s minds since the dawn of digital photo technology. And this is what are we going to do with the old, paper printed photos? And how can we digitize them effectively? Well, now it seems like Google Photos might have finally found the answer to these problems. Their new PhotoScan app. ...

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Apple working on Augmented Reality Wearable Glasses

Apple logo on a building

According to a report, Apple might be working on a device which is supposed to be a mix between a wearable pair of glasses and an augmented reality display. The exact date when they will finish or launch this new device is unknown for now. The company is still testing the waters of the smart glasses market. Apple is gathering a ...

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Facebook and Google are banning Fake News Websites

Magnifying glass over the Google logo

We all know by now that may people have accused Facebook of affecting the outcome of the elections by promoting news from fake websites. Mark Zuckerberg quickly responded and said that it is beyond their power to control everything that gets posted on the social media platform. And also, that it did not have anything to do with the outcome ...

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