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Jack Dorsey ‘s feelings are “complicated” regarding Donald Trump

Jack Dorsey talking and gesturing on a stage, dressed in a grey shirt

On Tuesday, at a Code Commerce conference which took place in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talked about some quite interesting things. Among those was the issue surrounding numerous social-media platforms. Also, the people who are accusing them of promoting president-elect Donald Trump. Not Twitter, but America choose Trump Dorsey had some very straight forward answers when the reporters asked ...

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Tom Cook expecting Amazing Holiday Season Sales for Apple Watch

Tim Cook talking on stage about Apple Watch with the colorful logo behind

A recent IDC report claims that the sales for the third quarter of 2016 for the Apple Watch are not that great. In fact, they are pretty bad. In response, Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Monday that their device could actually set a record in sales this holiday season. The first week of holiday shopping reportedly proves this. However, ...

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Facebook and other Internet Giants unite to remove “Terrorist content” from their Websites

Facebook logo with people silhouettes

Today, many Internet giants have made the announcement that they will be collaborating in order to remove “terrorist content” from their websites. Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube said that they want to stop it from spreading. So, they are planning to create a shared industry database which will help find this kind of content. Mostly, they want to remove the ...

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Is Google ‘s Pixel actually better than the iPhone?

Two models of Google Pixel in black

According to a recent report, Google ‘s Pixel has been identified as a better smartphone than the iPhone 7. While it is true that there are many customers who got used to a specific brand of smartphone and are only buying its devices, there are others who are always shifting. They are in a never ending search for the greatest ...

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All the News from the PlayStation Experience 2016

PlayStation Experience event

The PlayStation Experience event has been around since 2014. It usually displays some smaller, more unknown games which will come out in the following year. A smaller scale E3, let’s call it. Except that this year’s event displayed some very famous videogames, along with trailers and demos. Sony showcased some of its best upcoming games and among those there were ...

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Facebook tells everyone to Stop worrying about Artificial Intelligence

Facebook app as seen on a smart phone, in blue

On Thursday, Facebook launched a campaign which has as a purpose the education of the masses in what concerns the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence phenomenon. The social media platform released some short videos which explain the technology used for face recognition, self-driving cars and language translation. Facebook wants to reassure everyone that Artificial Intelligence is not going to take ...

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Game Awards Winners, News and Interesting Facts

The Game Awards 2016 logo

Last night, the Game Awards 2016 took place and one game took home the most awards, including the prestigious Game of the Year award. It was the multiplayer shooter “Overwatch”. Unsurprisingly to be honest, because of you payed attention to the recent Golden Joystick ceremony, you may have anticipated this course of events. Overwatch was the big winner Apart from ...

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Artificial Intelligence Algorithm can predict the Immediate Future

Artificial intelligence brain with circuits

Artificial intelligence technology has made an enormous progress over the last few years. So much that it even got some people worried about its potentially destructive nature. However, there is one area where it is still not as evolved as scientists would like it to be. That is its capacity to think and anticipate various events and to act in ...

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The fastest Supercomputer in the World to be built in Japan

Image of the supercomputer Anton

Recently, Japan has announced that, by the end of next year, they will have built the fastest supercomputer in the world. It’s name will be Artificial Intelligence Bridging Cloud Infrastructure and the bidding for it will end on December 8. Japan is known to be one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. According to Reuters, they want to do ...

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