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LG Announces Mid-Range Q6 Smartphones

Q6 series of smartphones

Recently, LG made the official announcement regarding the release of a new mid-range handset, the LG Q6. Over the past two weeks, rumors have been going around about this new range of smartphones. Now, it seems like it is all finally official. According to the company, the new series is basically the lesser version of the LG G6. Moreover, some ...

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Still Weird, but Improved

Final Fantasy XII screenshot

In this very popular series that is Final Fantasy, the 12th installment has always been considered that weird kid. Mainly because the way the game was made. It was a little different from all the others, with a combat system in real-time resembling a massively multiplayer game. However, the game still kept that feeling of adventure when the main character ...

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Twitter Introduces Mute Options to Fight Abusive Behavior

Twitter introduces mute options

Recently, Twitter announced a new step in the fight against those accounts that display an abusive behavior. Now, the highly-popular platform introduces a series of new settings. Those will reportedly allow users to avoid receiving notifications from accounts they don’t know or want to avoid. Those changes rolled out on Monday and thanks to them, you will have the possibility ...

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Jayden K Smith is not a Hacker, but a New Facebook Hoax

Jayden K Smith craze is just a Facebook hoax

Recently, people on Facebook have begun receiving some rather bizarre messages regarding a certain person named Jayden K Smith. The message warns them to not accept his friend request because he is supposedly a hacker that will enter their computers and cause harm. Seeing how frightened users have been by this person, some expert shave decided to calm the spirits. ...

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Smart Home Device Calls Police after Misinterpreting Question

Smart home device presentation

Every family or couple has its arguments, heated or not so much. However, when your smart home device calls the police following one of those quarrels, you know you spent your money well. However, a family from Tijeras, New Mexico, didn’t exactly intend for this to happen while they were fighting in their home. Eduardo Barros was reportedly at home ...

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What We Know about Nintendo’s Upcoming Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 screenshot

It seems like the very popular console Nintendo Switch is going to receive yet another successful series. The next installment of the Splatoon series will be coming to Switch after originally debuting for the Wii U console. However, every gaming fan knows what a failure that console was. So, the company decided that it was time to reinvent a classic ...

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Everything We know about Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel

Last year, Google decided that it was time for a change. And a big one. So, it retired the Nexus line and preferred to take the path of own-branded handsets. This is how the very-successful smartphone called Pixel was born. Now, everybody is eagerly waiting for the upcoming Pixel 2. If rumors are true, this next phone is sure to ...

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Google Testing New Mobile Search Design

Google Search

Recently, some people have noticed a change on both the iOS and Android systems. This discovery seems to indicate towards the fact that Google might be making changes to its mobile search system. According to a reddit user who was one of the first to notice something suspicious, the changes could be significant. They seem to add a huge amount ...

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Snapchat has Introduced an Ad Skipping Feature

Robot hand with Snapchat

Snap has recently decided to make easy ad skipping a new feature on its Snapchat messaging app. The main problem here will concern marketers who, from now on, will have to make adjustments to make their ads blend in with the others. For example, there have been some videos on Snapchat which at a first glance, looked like a typical ...

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MacBook 2017, Apple’s Updated and Ultraportable Laptop

Apple MacBook

Many people are very confused in regards with what specific Apple MacBook they should choose for their needs. For entire years, the choice was a relatively simple one, as we had only two options. If you wanted a cheaper and more portable option, you would choose the MacBook Air. For those who wanted a more advanced laptop with more firepower, ...

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