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Fitbit Is Entering the Smartwatch Market

fitbit blaze

Fitbit was among the first companies that designed one iconic gadget of the modern world, namely the activity tracker. Its smart bracelet is able to measure various indicators of a lifestyle like number of steps, quality of sleep, heart rate, and other such metrics. However, none of the models were close to a proper smartwatch. Nonetheless, things are about to ...

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Acer Enriches Hybrid Laptop Line with Two New Additions

acer notebook

Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company that managed to become the world’s sixth largest personal computer vendor back in 2015. While the organization is ceaselessly working on its core IT business branch, Acer did not neglect its wearable devices either. As such, the company enriched its hybrid laptop collection with two brand new notebooks that are ultra-light and are also ...

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Overwatch Celebrates New Milestone of 30M Registered Players

overwatch event

Overwatch was a big hit for its inauguration year of 2016. Nonetheless, the multi-player shooter video game is far from reaching the end of its huge success. On the contrary, the production went on a rampage and managed to attain 30 million registered players. The game enjoys great momentum not only on PC but also on other platforms such as ...

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Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users

Man scrolling through Instagram

Instagram Reaches 700 Million Users On Wednesday, Instagram made the official announcement that it reached 700 million active users. Not only is the number very impressive, but the speed with which the platform managed to reach it is even more amazing. In four months, the very popular photo and video-sharing platform managed to gain about 100 million users. The company ...

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“Call of Duty: WWII” and Everything We Know about It

Call of Duty: Avanced Warfare screenshot

It seems like Sledgehammer Games and Activision have finally confirmed their upcoming videogame “Call of Duty: WWII”, after some leaks and many rumors surrounding it. Some of those rumors have been confirmed, some have not. The game is the follow-up of “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” and players will be able to enjoy a single-player campaign, multiplayer and co-op. Everything ...

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“Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite” to be Released on September 19

"Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite" screenshot

It seems like the upcoming videogame “Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite” is going to come out on September 19, this year. So, fans of the fighting game, part of a crossover series, will be able to play it soon on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Apart from the game’s long-expected release date, Capcom also made an official announcement regarding the ...

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Google Makes Efforts to Stop “Fake News”

Google search engine under a magnifying glass

Google is continuously trying to make its search engine better and better, especially in what concerns the prevention of the so-called “fake news”. In a blog post from Tuesday, the company that it had been working on these changes for about four months now. However, it chose to offer details about them only now. Google is putting all its hopes ...

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A New Look at the iPhone 8 Design

A supposed iPhone 8 device

Just last week, a series of leaks concerning the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 8, along with a supposed design shocked everyone. The design was the biggest problem for many because it looked problematic and overall uninspired. There have been rumors that Apple is having trouble with its fingerprint sensor placed inside the display of the phone. Apart from this, ...

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All You Need to Know About “Dragon Quest Heroes II”

Dragon Quest Heroes screenshot

“Dragon Quest Heroes II” is a JRPG which puts you in the middle of the action and which moves forward very quickly. From some interesting plot twists to new party members, they all come right at you when you least expect them. For example, normally, it can take up to 100 hours for the player to kill 10.000 enemies. This ...

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Outlast 2 is Scary but Repetitive

Logo of Outlast 2

In the first Outlast videogame, the only choice you had was to either run or hide in order to survive. And this is maybe what impressed the experts and players. That sense of being a complete victim, with no means to defend yourself. Now, three years later, the second installment in the franchise keeps that feeling alive. However, everything is ...

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