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Twitter ‘s China Chief leaves the Company

Twitter sticker with the logo on it, on a table

Twitter ‘s China executive Kathy Chen became part of the company just eight months ago. She was hired to deal with the company’s businesses in Greater China. Now, she made the announcement that she chose to leave Twitter following a restructuring in the Asian leg of the company. It is interesting because the Chinese authorities blocked Twitter back in 2009. ...

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Amazon receives Patent for Flying Warehouse for Drones

Amazon logo on white background

Recently, Amazon has received a patent for a flying warehouse. Some may wonder, for what? Well, this reportedly huge warehouse will serve as a launch pad for drones. This way, they will be able to deliver various items in a very short time, even minutes. Amazon will reportedly place those flying bases near the big cities and big sporting events. ...

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Twitter ‘s Jack Dorsey asks Users for Ideas for the Future

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey speaking on a stage

On Thursday, for more than six hours, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had exchanges with users about new ideas, suggestions and how can the micro-blogging platform become even better. His initial message was What’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve or create in 2017? A wave of suggestions and ideas Thousands of users shared their opinions and Dorsey even ...

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Oculus reportedly bought a Danish Eye-Tracking Startup

Person testing an Oculus Rift

On Wednesday, Facebook’s Oculus confirmed that they acquired the Danish eye-tracking startup called The Eye Tribe. The company did not mention any price. This acquisition is important because in the near future, the users might be able to control their mobile or virtual reality experiences with just their eyes and their direction. The Eye Tribe For quite some time, The ...

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Google and Facebook dominating 2016’s Top Ten Apps

Facebook along with other popular apps on a phone screen

Yesterday, Nielsen released the 2016 list of top ten apps for smartphones in the United States. Many of the entries did not come as a surprise to anyone, especially the number one spot which was once again grabbed by Facebook. It is interesting to note that while many mobile games shattered records and provoked real obsessions this year, the social ...

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LG has a New Levitating Speaker which will blow Everyone Away

LG PJ9 levitating speaker seen in a room

At CES 2017, LG is going to reveal their new portable speaker. The most interesting part? It apparently levitates! Just imagine a little speaker floating around the entire room, playing music and looking like it just came from the Star Wars universe. Who would not want that? It seems like LG chose to show us a glimpse of their new flying ...

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An Amazon Echo might help solve a Murder case

Amazon Echo device

We all know that smart devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are constantly listening to what we say. Also, to everything going on around them. If we do not know it for sure, we are all at least suspecting they do. Now, it seems like this feature might become useful even for the police. The authorities in Bentonville, Arkansas ...

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The Sequel to “ Frog Fractions “ was found in another Game

Frog fractions screenshot in-game

It seems like the long-awaited sequel to the 2012 flash game called “ Frog Fractions “ is now available. However, there is a very interesting story behind this, as the game was never released, but actually discovered. The game within a game Players recently discovered the sequel to the “ Frog Fractions “ flash game within another, pretty obscure game which ...

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Apple to introduce New iPhone with Dual Vertical Cameras, Rumor says

Apple logo on a glass building

According to a report from Japanese blog Mac Okatara, Apple may soon release a new iPhone model which is going to come with a system including two vertical cameras. The new smartphone will reportedly have a 5-inch display and will represent the medium sized model for 2017. A new iPhone model Mac Okatara is Apple ‘s Taiwanese supply chain. According ...

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