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Watch Dogs 2 and what it did better than its Predecessor

Watch Dogs 2 main character Marcus and Wrench, in a screenshot from the game

When you are young, rebellious, angry with the system and you happen to have some useful skills, what do you do? You become the unconventional means to put things in order and to punish the bad guys. It sounds like the work of a talented hacker, doesn’t it? This is what Watch Dogs 2 is all about. Same idea, better ...

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Instagram Stories introduces Links, Mentions and Boomerangs

Instagram stories shpwn on an iPhone and what you can do with it on a picture of a cat

If until now people were saying that Instagram ripped-off Snapchat with their Stories feature, now it seems like the Stories are beginning to make their own name. Today, Instagram introduced three new features which users will be able to add into their stories. Maybe the reason for this is the backlash generated by users who thought Instagram pretty much copied ...

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Twitter‘s Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain has left the Company

Adam Bain talking on the stage at a Twitter event, dressed in a grey suit, with the logo of the company behind him

On Wednesday, Twitter made the announcement that their chief operating officer Adam Bain has left the company. His reason for doing this is the wish to explore other possibilities. Twitter said in the statement that Bain will stay for a few weeks to help with the transition of the chief operating officer post to someone else. Reportedly, that “someone else” ...

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New Rumors surface regarding Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S8 promotional image of the concept

Even if Samsung has not yet announced their Galaxy S8 device, there are already rumors regarding the phone’s innovative features. Many changes are in sight and it is understandable. After the mess that was Galaxy Note 7, which the company had to totally recall and ended up stopping the production, their only choice now is to make people forget that ...

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Facebook to implement LinkedIn-like Job opening Features

Facebook logo as seen on a computer screen, a little pixelated

On Monday, Facebook made the announcement that they are testing some new features which will be soon introduced to the social media platform. It is about the possibility to let page administrators create job posts and receive applications. And it will all be done on the same website which lets you post pictures of cats and talk with friends. Also, ...

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Samsung apologizes for the Note 7 Fiasco by writing Newspaper Ads

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, as it looked before recall, on black background

We all know by now the mess Samsung has been in for the past few months. Because of their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones which were catching fire, the company had to recall them completely. This operation cost them billions of dollars. Later, they stopped production of Note 7 models completely. Back then, they promised that they would find the exact ...

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