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Google Brain Makes “Zoom and Enhance” a Reality

Google Brain

Recently, the team behind Google Brain made some very serious innovations in what concerns increasing the resolution of images. The technology we all saw in detective movies where they look at very low quality photos of suspects and they ask the computer to “zoom and enhance” is now real. All right, almost real. Google managed to explore that technology and ...

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Twitter Continues to Fight Online Harassment

Twitter app on a smartphone

Twitter has been known to slightly change the social media platform every few months in order to fight against cyber bullying, online harassment and Internet trolls altogether. The company has a bad reputation of being the place where such trolls gather, terrorists claim responsibility for their attacks and Donald Trump says everything that goes through his head. However, experts are ...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Details Revealed in New Leak

Woman taking a picture with Samsung Galaxy phone

According to a new report, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone is going to be unveiled on March 29th. Also, with this new report comes the first ever photo of the new handset. The opinions are divided, as some are saying that the new smartphone has both good and not so good parts. The phone’s design is not at all ...

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Elon Musk, Serious about L.A. Tunnel to Ease Traffic

Elon Musk on a stage

It seems like billionaire, entrepreneur and space enthusiast Elon Musk is as sick of the Los Angeles traffic as many of the people living there. Because of this, he decided to act on it and, in his usual and innovative style, find a solution to decongestion the now infamous traffic issue. On Wednesday, he said that he is ready to ...

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Facebook has a New Head of VR, Former Xiaomi and Google Executive

Facebook app on a smartphone

On Wednesday, Facebook announced that they hired a new head for their virtual reality department. He is the former Google and Xiaomi executive, Hugo Barra. From now on, he will be in charge of the company’s virtual reality projects. This includes Oculus, which Facebook acquired, back in 2014. His last job was at Xiaomi in Beijing. He was also in ...

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Resident Evil 7 and its Connection with the Other Titles

Resident Evil 7 title card, dark and creepy

Fans of the well-established survival horror video game Resident Evil were taken by surprise when Capcom announced that they would take the story into a different direction. More precisely, they were going to leave out all the iconic characters and choose a new name and face, Ethan Winters. Moreover, they replaced the third person perspective with the first person one. ...

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Instagram Live Stories Now Available to Everyone

Instagram live screen with pink and orange

The Instagram Live Stories feature has now become available for absolutely everyone, all over the world. The company, which Facebook owns, made the official announcement on Tuesday. Instagram has been making experiments with live broadcasting since November last year. They even introduced the feature to some countries, but until now, it was not available worldwide, to all of its over ...

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“Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” to Have Two Endings

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshot in game

Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma recently said that the new game, “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” will have an alternate ending. However, only some players are going to see it. They are going to have to unlock it by doing certain things in-game or collecting various items. Basically, depending on how you play the game, you will get the basic ...

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Samsung Explains Galaxy Note 7 Issues in A Report

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Three months ago, Samsung issued what many consider the biggest recall in the history of technology, almost 2 billion devices. It would reportedly cost the company around $5.3 billion. Now, it seems like they finally reached a conclusion as to why the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire. Samsung announced the result of the investigation through an official report ...

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