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Samsung apologizes to Customers for Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco


Samsung is not in a good place right now. First, numerous Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire and causing panic (and victims). Then, the company decided to recall the problematic device and give customers new ones. But things got ugly again, as those too were exploding one by one. So the issue persisted. Now, Samsung has decided to completely ...

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How other Companies might profit from Samsung’s Downfall. Among them, Huawei


With Samsung recent stumble which ended with them having to completely stop the production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, many other manufacturers are starting to hope. Hope for what? That they might take Samsung’s place as the worthiest competitor for Apple. Even if some details have emerged regarding the next Galaxy S8 device, the recent mess with the exploding ...

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Amazon ‘s “Music Unlimited” service is here


On Wednesday, Amazon is launching their new subscription based music service. Amazon Music Unlimited can turn you normal and boring phone speaker into a jukebox full of music and life. Sound good right? The subscription starts at $3.99 per month. And you can have access to tens of millions of songs. The interesting thing is that the cost is almost ...

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Samsung still doesn’t know why Note 7 is catching Fire


We now know that the Samsung galaxy Note 7 smartphones have caused more problems than ever. They were responsible for house fires, burns, plane delays and numerous investigations. A total chaos to be more precise. But while this mess was going on, the people over at Samsung had some problems of their own. They were unable to make a Note ...

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Samsung has completely stopped production for Galaxy Note 7

Note 7

Samsung has officially announced the end for the production of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones all around the world. Is seems like the controversy surrounding them has not diminished and now, the time has come for the company to admit their mistakes. They cited customer’s safety as the main reason for their action. This announcement comes just a day after the ...

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How will Microsoft’s new paint App will work on Windows 10


We all remember those internet free days when we would open our old computers just to… paint. Brings back memories right? Well, it seems like now, Microsoft is planning to redesign its famous app for Windows 10. An early version even went online and it is completely free. The whole idea behind the revamping of the famous app is that ...

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Samsung stops Galaxy Note 7 production for the time being


In August, when the Samsung galaxy Note 7 smartphone was released, it was being described as one of the most intelligent smartphones ever created. Fast forward two months later. The phone which was supposed to close the race between Samsung and Apple seems to have transformed into a huge problem. And it does not seem to go away soon. More, ...

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Prisma Photo App now works for Videos Too


Everybody knows Prisma. And if they don’t, they soon will. That very popular photo editing app which turns your ordinary daily photos into some amazing works. It uses a complicated system and now it supports 15-second videos on the iOS phones. The announcement was made by the team behind Prisma on Thursday. The idea is that the app will now ...

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