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Amazon to Reveal Touch Screen Echo

Amazon Echo device

According to a report, online retail giant Amazon wants to stay one step ahead of competition and is planning to reveal a touch screen version of the popular Echo device. The Monday report stated that the company will unveil a 7-inch touch screen Echo version. It will reportedly also have support for internet-based telephone and video calls. As expected, Amazon’s ...

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Facebook Explains UK Users how to Spot Fake News

Facebok uses newspaper ads to warn people about fake news

It seems like Facebook wants to stop fake news from spreading so badly that it decided to move its campaign off the internet and into the papers too. So, this week, the social media giant has printed full-page ads in some of the most important British newspapers. Those include The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, and The Times. The ads were ...

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New iPhone 8 Details Will Disappoint Users

A prototype of iPhone 8

The leaks we got and the rumors we heard until now about the much-anticipated Apple iPhone 8 were very exciting. So exciting that Apple CEO Tim Cook claims that the sales for the device have slowed down in anticipation of the new one. However, there is some new information coming from JPMorgan Chase. And according to it, the new iPhone ...

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Aspects Apple Needs to Improve to Beat Samsung

Apple ipad and iphone

Everybody is aware that, as far as smartphone conversations go, there are only two main focal points: Apple and Samsung. Some have tried to change that and succeeded, more or less. Let’s think about Huawei or even Google with their Pixel smartphone. Some might say that the iPhone’s place started to feel threatened. Well, this thing might prove to be ...

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Blackberry KeyOne, A Good Phone for the Nostalgic Ones

BlackBerry KeyOne

The new BlackBerry KeyOne phone is available this month for $549 unlocked and it may be exactly what those more nostalgic of us needed. It brings back the need to push some tiny buttons in order to write and for some, it can feel like the old times. For others, it may feel like something old and unnecessary, among all ...

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Measuring Your Walking Speed with Wireless Signals

walking speed

How fast you walk might predict health problems like pulmonary diseases and cognitive decline. Walking too slowly might show your risk for lung, nervous system, and heart problems. Researchers involved with a recent MIT study discovered that people who walk slower than 0.6 m/s might have increased risk for poor health. Although knowing the walking speed helps foresee these problems, ...

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Want to Relax and Be Fit? Ask Your Smart Assistant, Alexa for Help

Smart assistant

Smart assistants have been available for several months now. Amazon Echo’s Alexa is one of the best intelligent home systems. Despite the fact that it has been on the market for some time, Alexa owners still don’t know every skill the smart assistant has. Did you know that Alexa can help you lose weight and relax? Well, Alexa is starting ...

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Facebook Messenger Wants You on Its Side with Instant Games

facebook ad

As of recently, Facebook has redirected its creative juices towards Facebook Messenger in a big way. The results came to the benefit of both users and publishers. One of the latest projects is about Instant Games. The feature is now available at a worldwide level, and it is all about having more quality online time with your friends. Instant Games ...

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Android Created Patches for Critical Flaws Among Other Issues

android nexus

Android has delivered on Monday its usual security bulletin for the month of May. The update contains patches specially created for Pixel and Nexus devices. The security fixes come to the elimination of over 100 vulnerabilities. Among these, there are 29 issues that were marked as critical flaws. These bugs interfered with drivers for hardware, media processing server, and other ...

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Intel Patches 10-Year-Old Security Compromise

intel logo

Intel was named the largest semiconductor chip maker in the world. Its products are empowering most of personal computers at a worldwide level. Computer systems manufacturers like Dell, Apple, and HP are also part of Intel’s large client portfolio. Nonetheless, the company discovered that features in charge of the remote management of its processors were harboring a security compromise for ...

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