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Leaks Show the New Nokia 8 Smartphone

Leaks show the new Nokia 8

According to some new repots and a few leaks, the upcoming model of high-end smartphone from Nokia will bear the name Nokia 8. Actually, a group from Finland called HMD Global is currently manufacturing those devices under the famous brand. On Monday, Evan Blass, a well-known tech leaker, is the one who posted the image showing the upcoming smartphone on ...

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“Kingdom Hearts 3” and What’s Taken So Long

Kingdom Hearts promo image

Twelve years ago, the very popular Kingdom Hearts 2 videogame was coming out for the PlayStation 2. Since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next instalment of the beloved franchise. They wanted to get the chance to go on adventures with Sora and the friends once again. Indeed, there have been numerous spin-offs, remakes and other releases, but ...

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New Emojis Coming from Apple Later this Year

New emojis to roll out later this year

Emojis are cool, useful in conversations and they have also become increasingly complex and ingenious. However, after a while of using the same little yellow face for expressing laughter when you are actually not amused at all, they can become quite boring. This is why Apple has decided to introduce a series of new emojis which will roll out for ...

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Netflix Exceeds Everyone’s Expectations

Netflix exceeds expectations

On Monday, Netflix Inc. exceeded everyone’s expectations, even Wall Street’s ones, and added a number of 5.2 million users. Moreover, the company expects an even greater rise mainly because now there are more subscriptions which don’t come from the United States. So, at the beginning of the week, its stock grew with about 10.4%. The shares of Netflix also sky ...

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Amazon Working on New Messaging App

Amazon works on new messaging app

According to some recent reports, the giant company Amazon, mostly specialized in e-commerce, is working on developing a new messaging app. The giant is reportedly aiming at having its own personal app which will be called Anytime, meant to rival the Facebook Messenger. Moreover, the company is currently asking its customers about what to introduce and what to leave out ...

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Design and Release Date for iPhone 8 almost Confirmed

Some iPhone 8 rumors have been confirmed

There have been rumors after rumors about the upcoming iPhone 8 from Apple. Some seemed too good to be true, while others appeared to be closer to the truth. Now, it seems like there have been some confirmations regarding the direction the new device is going to. There may be months before its official release, but this never stopped anyone ...

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Huawei Announces Special KFC Phone for China

Huawei and KFC make special edition phone

Smartphone manufacturers have always tried to surprise their users in various ways. This is why some companies have chosen to launch very interesting themed smartphones. Fans probably remember the very cool superhero Samsung Galaxy phones or the amazing R2-D2 Droid 2, inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Also, there have been some not so pretty ones as well, like the ...

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Destiny 2 is Bound for Success, Report Says

Destiny 2 logo

The hugely-acclaimed Destiny videogame became a worldwide phenomenon when it launched. It immediately gathered an enormous user base full of dedicated fans who would not stop playing the game. However, some gamers were extremely disappointed when they found out that game was not going to come out on PC. This is why the developers decided to change the story a ...

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Google Launches New App to Help Upload Data to Cloud

Google Cloud logo

Google just launched the new app called “Backup and Sync from Google” which the company announced since the past month. The aim of this new tool is to make it easier for users to make backups of their data, including photographs and documents. Also, this app comes as a replacement for the old Google Photos app for desktop and the ...

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Verizon Partner Exposes Customer Data After Leak

Verizon partner made public user data

On Wednesday, the company Verizon made the official announcement that, because of a security setting that was wrongly configured, personal data belonging to about 6 million people leaked on the internet. Cybersecurity company UpGuard is the one that actually discovered this breach which was reportedly caused by a person, not a computer error. That wrongly-configured setting allowed for the customers’ ...

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