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An Amazon Echo might help solve a Murder case

Amazon Echo device

We all know that smart devices like the Amazon Echo or Google Home are constantly listening to what we say. Also, to everything going on around them. If we do not know it for sure, we are all at least suspecting they do. Now, it seems like this feature might become useful even for the police. The authorities in Bentonville, Arkansas ...

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The Sequel to “ Frog Fractions “ was found in another Game

Frog fractions screenshot in-game

It seems like the long-awaited sequel to the 2012 flash game called “ Frog Fractions “ is now available. However, there is a very interesting story behind this, as the game was never released, but actually discovered. The game within a game Players recently discovered the sequel to the “ Frog Fractions “ flash game within another, pretty obscure game which ...

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Apple to introduce New iPhone with Dual Vertical Cameras, Rumor says

Apple logo on a glass building

According to a report from Japanese blog Mac Okatara, Apple may soon release a new iPhone model which is going to come with a system including two vertical cameras. The new smartphone will reportedly have a 5-inch display and will represent the medium sized model for 2017. A new iPhone model Mac Okatara is Apple ‘s Taiwanese supply chain. According ...

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Virtual Reality in 2016 and what does the Future hold for it

A girl wearing virtual reality glasses with the clear sky behind

In 2016, the virtual reality technology evolved a lot. Some might say that it actually became a palpable reality. It is interesting that in just a few months, this technology encouraged the beginning of some new computer technologies. Moreover, because of its success, the prices of graphic cards grew a lot, proving the existence of what many call a new ...

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Uber ends California Test of Self-Driving Cars

Uber app as seen on a smartphone

A week ago, Uber started a test for their self-driving cars which took place in San Francisco. Now, they decided to end it and pulled the Volvos from the streets of the city, according to an official statement from the company. The reason for this is the refusal of the state regulators to extend their registrations. Self-driving cars Uber had ...

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Instagram Stories introduces Stickers for Emojis, Locations and Seasons

Instagram Stories seen on an iPhne

Instagram has just released a new update for its Stories section which contains what some would call an “carbon copy” of Snapchat’s geofilters. Their new Stickers offer users the opportunity to make their photos and videos more fun. The company announced the Stickers through an official post on their blog. Emojis, locations and seasons How does this new update work? It ...

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Twitter loses yet another Executive. Is this Bad News for the Company?

Twitter logo, a blue bird

Recently, a lot of executives have left their jobs at Twitter. Now, that list just got lengthier with the parting of the company’s chief technology officer, Adam Messinger. On Tuesday, he officially announced his departure via a Twitter message. In it, he cited the wish to distance himself from technology as the main reason for his decision. CEO Jack Dorsey ...

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says New and Great Mac Desktops are coming

Tim Cook talking at a conference

Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook reassured everyone through an official statement that the Mac desktops are still very important for the company. They will reportedly continue their production despite the success of the recent MacBooks. Mac desktops still important According to the statement posted on Apple’s internal employee message board, the Mac desktops are still very important and strategic for ...

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