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Disney Gives Up on PewDiePie because of Anti-Semitic Posts

PewDiePie at a table

Disney reportedly cut the ties with Internet sensation and YouTube gamer PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) after he posted some videos with anti-Semitic messages. He currently has 53 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. One of the videos which really upset Disney and made them end the collaboration showed two men laughing while holding a banner with the message “Death to all ...

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Tim Cook Calls for Campaigns Against Fake News

Tim Cook wearing glasses with the Apple logo behind

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently called for a massive campaign which should unite all the tech giants in the fight against fake news. He said this in a recent interview and also talked about what the governments should do in order to raise awareness among the people. Moreover, Cook thinks that an education campaign in schools would help a lot ...

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Frenchman Sues Uber for Telling Wife About his Affair

Uber app on an iPhone

A French businessman has reportedly filed a lawsuit in which he blamed ride-hailing company Uber for notifying his wife about an affair. He wants Uber to pay him $48 million for the damages inflicted and for causing his divorce. According to the reports, the Frenchman used his wife’s iPhone to order an Uber for a meeting with his mistress. Then, ...

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Destiny 2 Coming This Year After All

Destiny screenshot in game

According to some information from an anonymous person on Reddit, the much-anticipated sequel of the very popular game Destiny will run on an entirely new engine. It will come out on PC as well as on the current generation of gaming consoles. Bungie’s next installment is supposed to come out this year, according to earlier reports. However, fans have begun ...

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Valve to Make Three Full Virtual Reality Games and No Half-Life 3

Valve lobby

Valve, the developer behind massive video game hits like Portal, Half-Life and Team Fortress announced that they are working on not one, but three completely virtual reality based video games. The founder and CEO of the company, Gabe Newell, reportedly confirmed the news. He also said that those three projects are not demos or prototypes for the virtual reality technology, ...

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Android Wear 2.0 and What it Brings New to the Table

Android Wear smartwatch

After months and months of waiting, fans of smartwatches finally have something to be happy about. Google just revealed their new Android Wear 2.0 update. However, many voices are saying that while fans needed to wait entire months to get their hands on the new update, it does not really bring anything revolutionary. Die-hard fans of the smartwatch will undoubtedly ...

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Apple to Launch Special $1,000 Anniversary iPhone

Apple iPhone 8 prototype

According to a well-informed source, Apple plans to launch a very special 10th anniversary iPhone edition. The only catch? It might cost well over $1,000. This latest piece of information comes right after other rumors which were claiming that Apple might reveal the iPhone earlier. Another one stated the company might release another, so-called iPhone X. True or not? Considering ...

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Google Brain Makes “Zoom and Enhance” a Reality

Google Brain

Recently, the team behind Google Brain made some very serious innovations in what concerns increasing the resolution of images. The technology we all saw in detective movies where they look at very low quality photos of suspects and they ask the computer to “zoom and enhance” is now real. All right, almost real. Google managed to explore that technology and ...

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Twitter Continues to Fight Online Harassment

Twitter app on a smartphone

Twitter has been known to slightly change the social media platform every few months in order to fight against cyber bullying, online harassment and Internet trolls altogether. The company has a bad reputation of being the place where such trolls gather, terrorists claim responsibility for their attacks and Donald Trump says everything that goes through his head. However, experts are ...

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