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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumor Round Up

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

When Samsung revealed its Galaxy Note 7 device in 2016, the company thought it could finally battle a rather modest and not very innovative iPhone 7. Along with their Galaxy S7 smartphone, the battle seems almost won. However, the batteries of the Note 7 device had some issues and soon, the devices started catching fire while charging. Many reports of ...

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Details on Overwatch Insurrection Event Leak

Overwatch Insurrection event title card

A new trailer might have leaked some rather important details about Overwatch’s Insurrection event. The event will reportedly also include a series of new skins for players to try and many other cosmetics to collect. This trailer, which PlayStation France posted on YouTube and since then deleted, reveals what looks like a brand new cooperative mode which might be horde-style. ...

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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Available in India

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Last week, Samsung launched its new Galaxy C7 Pro smartphone in India. Those interested in a new device can buy it on Amazon India for about Rs 27,990. The phone is available in two colors, Gold and Navy Blue, and the company described it as being the slimmer and smaller version of the Galaxy C9 Pro phablet. Galaxy C7 Pro ...

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OnePlus 5 Might Be Better than the Galaxy S8

OnePlus 5 smarphone

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 device is already breaking pre-order records. Everyone is talking about it and how it is maybe the best smartphone on the market at the moment and a step forward for the company. However, while everybody is busy with the more popular companies and their new releases, a rather small company in China is preparing something big. ...

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Samsung Launched Galaxy S8 Despite Design Flaw

Two Samsung \galaxy S8 models

Those last few weeks marked some important events in the smartphone world. Mainly, the new releases were the ones which captivated everyone. From the new Huawei P10, to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. However, from those, only one stood out: the highly-anticipated Galaxy S8, with its bezel-less design and curved display, a clear evolution from ...

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Next Google Pixel Could Have Curved Screen

Google Pixel smartphone

With the follow-up of the very popular and praised Google Pixel smartphone from 2016, the company is reportedly planning to also introduce the curved screen display. According to a report, the company wants to invest at least $880 million in LG Display Co. The reason for this is the giant’s wish to have a solid supplier of flexible OLED screens ...

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Google Planning to Revolutionize Routers

Google wifi router

Everybody with internet access should by now have a wireless router in their home. There are one of the most important devices even if usually, they do not look like much. They are not something which attracts your attention immediately and are usually not very visible. Also, some routers do not always manage to offer the strong internet connection the ...

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New Twitter Mobile App to Use Less Data

Many Twitter logos

Twitter recently launched a new version of their mobile app. It is called Twitter Lite and will reportedly use less data and will move faster than the full website. Also, it will reportedly function well on more unstable networks. Everyone in the world will have access to Twitter Lite but it is reportedly designed especially for the developing markets. For ...

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“League of Legends” Has Two New Champions

League of Legends champions

It seems like the “League of Legends” public beta now has two new champions.  And interestingly enough, they are two lovers. Their names are Rakan and Xayah. Rakan the Charmer supports the couple with shields. Apart from that, he is a very mobile fighter which has some very interesting abilities. He can leap into the air or sprint into battle. ...

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Amazon Will Live Stream Thursday Night Football

Amazon cards

According to some recent reports, Amazon confirmed that it closed a deal with the NFL. From now on, and during the entire upcoming season, it is going to live stream 10 Thursday night football games. The deal is reportedly of $50 million and Amazon went ahead of other tech giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook. Thursday night football For the ...

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