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Is the iPhone 7 really the fastest Phone in the World?

iPhone 7

While we might hate to admit it, at the moment, there is no real competition on the market for Apple’s iPhone 7. And when we are saying hate, we mean the sad perspective of not having anything close to compare it with. Ok, there is Samsung but after the Note 7 scandal with the exploding phones, they are kind of ...

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Final Fantasy 15 and what novelties does it bring

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 15 has been long awaited by both fans and casual gamers. Some were eager to see what the new game will bring, while others were impatient to play a new game, in a new universe, and to encounter new characters. The game itself claims that it is destined for both avid fans and first-timers. And indeed, the game ...

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Tesla Motors has announced fully self-driving Cars


On Wednesday, Tesla Motors made the announcement that their electric cars are going to have a special hardware. This hardware is the missing element to make the cars fully self-driving. Also, their vehicles are going to be the first in the country to have this system implemented. Their Model S, X and upcoming Model 3 sedan are the vehicles in ...

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Tesla Motors postponed their surprise Announcement until Wednesday


It looks like Tesla Motors’ big reveal will not be coming right now. But in a few days. On Sunday, Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk said that the big announcement will be happening on Wednesday. Why? According to him, the project need a little bit more “refinement”. What is this “project”? Tesla Motors has not said a word about what ...

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Verizon wants to renegotiate the deal for Yahoo


On Thursday, Verizon revealed that they might request a renegotiation of the $4.8 billion deal for Yahoo. This comes three weeks after the company suffered the biggest data breach in history. Specialists anticipated that this was going to happen, but it seems like Verizon is moving quickly. The reasons are there Verizon General Counsel Craig Silliman said that the financial ...

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Samsung apologizes to Customers for Galaxy Note 7 Fiasco


Samsung is not in a good place right now. First, numerous Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were catching fire and causing panic (and victims). Then, the company decided to recall the problematic device and give customers new ones. But things got ugly again, as those too were exploding one by one. So the issue persisted. Now, Samsung has decided to completely ...

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How other Companies might profit from Samsung’s Downfall. Among them, Huawei


With Samsung recent stumble which ended with them having to completely stop the production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, many other manufacturers are starting to hope. Hope for what? That they might take Samsung’s place as the worthiest competitor for Apple. Even if some details have emerged regarding the next Galaxy S8 device, the recent mess with the exploding ...

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