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HTC Hopes to Turn Heads with New U11 Smartphone

HTC U11 metallic blue

On Tuesday morning, HTC announced their new flagship smartphone called U11. The unveiling took place in Taipei and introduced the U11 as an extension of the HTC U Ultra. This is their phablet, which the company released last year and which unfortunately, did not have much of an impact on the United States market. However, this time, the U11 will ...

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Nintendo Making Zelda and Pokemon Games for Mobile

Nintendo official logo

According to a new report, Nintendo is planning to bring some of its most successful games to mobile. So, the company will release a “Legend of Zelda” mobile game. Also, The Pokemon Company, from which Nintendo owns 32 per cent, also plans to bring another card-based title to mobile devices. Sources are saying that the Zelda mobile game will arrive ...

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Ransomware Cyber Attack Wreaks Havoc all over the World

A cyber attack

On Monday, a ransomware cyber attack provoked panic and distress all over the world. It affected hospitals, schools and offices. A number of 150 countries reportedly felt the attack and the damages done by it are currently unknown. Moreover, experts are saying that the effects of it could extend and become worse because of lingering variations of the attack. It ...

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Google Search Will Now Show You Nearby Events

Google Search

On Wednesday, Google updated its app and mobile experience in the United States. The purpose of this new update is to help users even more than before. So, Google Search will from now on find the nearest concerts, events, festivals or matches in your area. It will display them to you, even if they are happening now or in the ...

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BioWare Responds to “Mass Effect: Andromeda” Reactions

Mass Effect: Andromeda screenshot

During Tuesday’s earnings call, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson talked about the delay of BioWare’s new IP. He also touched on the subject of the mixed reaction the new RPG “Mass Effect: Andromeda” received from critics. He began by saying the he would lie if he said he would not have liked the game to receive bigger scores. Still, he ...

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Google Acquired VR Studio Owlchemy Labs

Owlchemy Labs' Job Simulator

On Wednesday, Google made the official announcement that it is buying the successful virtual reality studio Owlchemy Labs. This is the same studio which has created “Job Simulator” and “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality”. It is worth noting that the studio will keep on releasing virtual reality-based games, on multiple platforms. The only difference will be that Google will support ...

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Snapchat Falling Apart as Problems Continue

Official Snapchat logo

Some experts are saying that what is going on with Snapchat at the moment resembles a lot what happened to Twitter back in 2013. That was the year when the latter fell apart because of a really slow growth. Competition was tough and Twitter was heavily borrowing features from Facebook. Also, users could not find the content they were looking ...

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Google Working on New Operating System called Fuchsia

Google logo on a wall

Even if Google has the most popular operating system in the world, the Android, it seems like the company is not satisfied. Because of this, it has begun building a new one last summer, called Fuchsia. Since the news broke out, many people have started wondering what is the purpose of this new operating system? Does the company want to replace the ...

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DeX Station, Not as Groundbreaking as Samsung Thought

Samsung DeX Station

The idea Samsung had was apparently a very good and useful one. The company thought about a way in which people could use their smartphone to do their daily work which would normally require a desktop. So, they came up with the Samsung DeX Station. A small piece of plastic which acts like a dock for the Galaxy S8 or ...

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Prey is Complex but All Over the Place

Official cover art for Prey

The premise on which Prey starts is rather simple. The main character wakes up after a disaster, in a space colony. With a completely empty memory, he is trying to figure out what happened. Until an artificial intelligence tells everyone that the aliens on board have turned the crew members into horrifying monsters. So, they are the only ones who ...

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