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When it’s the Best Time to Play a Game?

Three screens displaying a video game

If you happen to love an older game and may want to play it again right now, chances are that your favorite way of entertaining has been updated, patched, it has received some DLCs and even some expansions. While keeping this very important fact in mind, players should ask themselves some very important questions. Is this new version better than ...

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FaceApp Now Has Black, Asian and Indian Filters

Blonde girl and man transformed in FaceApp

FaceApp is that one app which has become very popular among internet users for allowing them to age their portraits, to make them younger or to even alter their appearance. However, people have been criticizing the app for failing to offer racial alternatives and for sometimes whitening the skin to make the portraits prettier. Because of this, the Russian developers ...

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Facebook Launches Watch, Its Take on Social Television

Facebook launches Watch tab

It seems like Facebook as begun its fight to enter the television business. Today, it launched Watch, its video platform containing programs which the company has financed. Actually, this platform has existed for quite some time, but the company redesigned it and transformed it into some kind of money maker. So, starting August 10, the video tab in the Facebook ...

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What is New on Apple iOS 11 Beta 4

iOS 11 brings many changes

On the morning of July 24, Apple reportedly sent the Beta 4 version of the new iOS 11 to all the developers. According to reports, this version of the beta is the one which brings the largest number and the most important changes out of them all. Users will be very happy to know that Apple has finally added that ...

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Pyre, at the Convergence of Art, Gameplay and Music

Pyre promo image

At first it was Bastion, an impressive tale which described how being lonely in the middle of the apocalypse felt. Then, it was Transistor, a beautiful blend of love, mystery and an amazing combat system. Now, it’s Pyre from the same studio called Supergiant Games. This game sits at the convergence of beautiful art, gameplay and emotional music, like all ...

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Splatoon 2 is Nothing New, but it Doesn’t Need to Be

Splatoon 2 promo image

The original Splatoon videogame kind of reinvented the way players saw shooters. It got rid of the guns and bullets and replaced them with paint guns. The game also offered a new alternative to those older multiplayer shooters that seemed all the same. Now, two years after the original game, its sequel, called simple, Splatoon 2, continues that trend. Not ...

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EU Puts Pressure on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms

It seems like recently, the European Union has been increasing its pressure on many social-media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google. The Union reportedly wants them to alter their user terms in such a way that they would be in correlation with its laws. This happens after many tech companies have submitted their own proposals which the EU deemed insufficient. ...

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Beta for Destiny 2 Has Been Extended

Destiny 2 promo image

The Beta for the upcoming videogame Destiny 2 was initially going to end on July 23, 9 p.m. Pacific time. However, the developers prepared a surprise for the fans of the series and extended the Beta. It will now end on July 25, at 6 p.m. Pacific time. The developers offered 48 more hours of experience for the players, in ...

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Apple Releases Siri Movie Starring The Rock

The Rock Johnson

It’s interesting how Hollywood actors are so willing to create hype and excitement around everything they’re part of. Even if what they’re part of is not that great. This was also the case with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who, on Sunday, got everyone excited when he announced that he starred in a movie which Apple made. He said that this ...

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Microsoft Reveals Cortana-Voiced Thermostat

Cortana voice assistant

Microsoft recently unveiled a new product for the thermostat market, meant as a step forward. The smart device is different than all the others because Cortana, the company’s virtual assistant, is voicing it. Thermostats connected to the internet are the new trend nowadays, and thanks to companies like Nest, they have become a mainstream product which more and more people ...

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