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Uber Suspends Self-Driving Car Tests After Crash in Arizona

Uber logo on a wall

According to some reports, the ride hailing company Uber has suspended all the self-driving car tests in the United States. This comes after one of the company’s vehicles was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona. This is the latest problem to hit Uber after numerous sexual harassment allegations, sexism at the workplace and its CEO, Travis Kalanick’s outburst of ...

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U.K. Official Says Police Should Have Access to WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp on a smartphone

On Sunday, United Kingdom Home Secretary Amber Rudd said during an interview for BBC, that the law enforcement should have access to the encrypted messages on WhatsApp. According to her, this messaging service, along with many others, often provide a safe place for terrorists to communicate. Her demand will most likely spark some controversy. Also, it will probably fuel even ...

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Twitter Remembers Tweetdeck, Plans to Update It

Tweetdeck screenshot

Twitter acquired Tweetdeck six years ago. And that was it. They pretty much left it as it was. However, now it seems like the company is planning to bring some new updates to the app. Today, some power Twitter users received a survey from the company. That survey asked them what new features they would love Twitter to add to ...

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Instagram Now Has Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram icon on iPhone

Recently, Instagram added a second security layer in the form of a two-factor authentication. This feature is now available for all Instagram users. The social media platform is the latest to add this feature which is meant to protect users’ accounts from being compromised. The main reasons because of which an account becomes unusable are phishing and password reuse. So, ...

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Apple Buys Workflow, makes it Free to Download

Apple Workflow image

Yesterday, Apple sealed the deal to acquire Workflow. This is an app for the iOS power users which lets you unite some actions that are repeating in order to make them easier and quicker to accomplish. It is an automation app. On Wednesday, a spokesperson confirmed the acquisition of the app and of its developer, DeskConnect. However, the spokesperson did ...

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Apple Responds to Hacker Claims, says There’s Nothing Wrong

Exterior of a Hong Kong Apple store

It seems like Apple clarified what is going on regarding those recent claims by a group of hackers that they managed to gain access to millions of iCloud accounts from all over the world. A spokesperson from Apple said in an official statement that neither of their systems, iCloud or Apple ID, have suffered any breaches of information. And that the list ...

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Apple Launched a New Red iPhone 7

Apple red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Yesterday, Apple announced that they are introducing a new color of iPhone 7. That is red. It is true that Apple made available phone cases in red for their iPhones, but this is the very first device which actually has this color. The phone bears the name Product (RED) and it is made of aluminum. It also marks the partnership between Apple ...

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Everything We Know About Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8 smartphones

Samsung is going to hold a special event on March 29th in New York, where they will announce their new Galaxy S8 smartphone. The device is reportedly going to mark a new direction in what concerns the design of the smartphone for Samsung. The Galaxy S6 was the last time when the devices had a complete makeover. It seems like ...

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Google Maps Now Helps You with Your Parking Location

Google Maps car with camera on top

Google Maps recently added a very useful new feature which will help drivers a lot, especially in crowded cities. This new option will remind people the spot where they parked their car. From now on, you will see a new menu option when you will touch the blue dot. Maps will then put a “P” on the spot where you ...

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Samsung’s Bixby Will Help You with Your Phone

Samsung Bixby logo

Until now, Samsung did not have its official virtual assistant. All the other big companies do, from Apple to Google. Well, on Monday, Samsung officially announced its own version of a personal and smart virtual assistant. It is called Bixby. However, if you think this will be just another classic virtual assistant, you might soon change your mind. The company ...

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