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Writer and editor of The Next Digit Media, he takes care of iOS, Apple, Mac and other gadgets. He worked at Apple Inc, before joining to TND Media. He was graduated in Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication Degree from Cambridge University. All posts by David

Check to See If Google Brought Android Auto to Your Country

alt="Android Auto"

Google has announced on its Android Twitter account that Android Auto has drastically expanded its list of new countries where it has started being available beginning today. Before today, Android Auto was available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and New Zealand. From today on, Brazil and 17 more countries have ...

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Amazon Dash Introduces Buttons for Condoms and Feminine Products

alt="trojan dash button"

Do you dread having to buy condoms in person? Amazon Dash is here to help with its expanded line of products that you can order from the privacy of your home. There are 76 more items in addition to Trojan condoms that the giant e-retailer has added to the convenient one-click-buying system. Last year, Amazon set out to change the ...

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Surprisingly, Google Offers Landline Service with Fiber Phone

Google’s fingers are dipped in a lot of jars at the moment. Not only does it reign undisputedly over search, but it also owns the most popular mobile OS with Android. But apparently that’s not enough for the tech giant as it also became an ISP with Fiber and a phone provider with Project Fi. You wouldn’t expect Google to ...

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Creators Release New Details About How to Play Pokémon Go

You know you gotta catch ‘em all, but do you how? Nintendo has finally released some new details about the upcoming Pokémon smartphone game, letting users know what they should expect from the app. Because it combines traditional game techniques and augmented reality, the classics will finally come into the real world. It won’t be until later in 2016 that ...

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Does the Realistic Humanoid Robot Sophia Want to Destroy Humans?

There’s a phenomenon called the “uncanny valley” that describes the reaction of revulsion humans automatically have when they see humanoid robots that resemble us too much. Now, meet “Sophia,” the newest creepy robotic head that has sparked controversy in recent days. Sophia has been equipped with human-like facial expressions, and her skills include responsive speech, among others. According to her ...

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Toonz Software Used to Create Futurama Is Now Open Source

Not only do know who Hayao Miyazaki, but you also aspire to be like him one day? Your dream is one step closer as Studio Ghibli has made its animation software free and open source. At its origins, software package Toonz was created by Italian studio Digital Video as a tool for creating traditional 2D animation. Now it’s acquired by ...

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Instagram Might Bring Some Changes to Your News Feed

Instagram has just released some very interesting news for its users, news that is sure to spark some reactions and controversy. If you’re a hardcore Instagram user, you might want to sit down for this one. According to a recent news release, the Facebook-owned photo and video platform might soon be messing up your news feed big time. Post popularity ...

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YouTube Gaming App Launches New Livestreaming Feature

Google’s 1.3 version of its YouTube Gaming app finally brings mobile game streaming to any Android device. Launched today, the revamped app allows all mobile games to be streamed with not specialized equipment required. The new mode uses only the device’s microphone and front camera; all devices have those, so you’re set to stream any game you downloaded. YouTube Gaming ...

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Alphabet’s Project Fi Is No Longer Invite-only

Alphabet Inc.’s Project Fi, which used to be available only by invitation, has now been made public to all in the US. Thanks to the service, its customers no longer pay for their internet data in bulk, but only for the data they’ve used over the past month. More than that, Project Fi comes with a lot of perks, like ...

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Google Launches New Search Results Feature: Google Posts

Strange things are happening in Google search results. The company has announced “an experimental new podium” called Google Posts, where the tech giant can directly add curated content in a post-Google+ world. These posts are embed directly into the search results, offering a home to orphaned Google+ posts as the social platform has been recently stripped out in various apps ...

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