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Writer and editor of The Next Digit Media, he takes care of iOS, Apple, Mac and other gadgets. He worked at Apple Inc, before joining to TND Media. He was graduated in Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication Degree from Cambridge University. All posts by David

Greek Bailout Referendum: ‘No’ vote confirmed, Euro falls, stock market to fall steeply

Update: Majority of Greece (over 61 percent) voted ‘No’ to the Greek bailout referendum, and hence decided to vote against creditors. The reactions are pouring in, starting from the fall of the Euro against the US Dollar. The Euro fell over 1.5 percent to approx. 1.09 on the possibility of ‘No’ vote. On Sunday evening, JPMorgan’s Malcolm Barr told clients, “Although ...

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Despite the high stockpile, oil prices remain low

With the turbulent market all across the globe, the crude oil prices have gone down by a fair bit. The crude oil markets actually witnessed their highest weekly decline since March 2015. The impact of the Greek crises along with the resilient production from US shale is quite heavy on the oil prices. According to the Citugroup energy strategist Chris ...

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Singapore vows to become the greenest capital of the world

On one side in Shanghai, we’re witnessing huge protests over the worst ever pollution in China, and on the other side, Singapore PM has claimed to make the country greenest capital of the world by 2030. The Deputy Prime Minster of Singapore, who is also a member of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Climate change said, “for a very small country with limited ...

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Swiss-made Solar Impulse 2 completes a legendary flight to Hawaii

Solar Impulse 2, the airplane that works with the help of sun power has landed in Hawaii after flying 7,200 Km across the Pacific starting from Japan, accomplishing its first of its kind ‘legendary’ journey. Solar Impulse was landed on the runway of Kalaeloa Airport at 05.55 local time by the Pilot Andre Borschberg. The time that the plane spent ...

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California to witness heavy changes in the electricity prices

The bridge between the electricity prices paid by the poor and the rich in California will be bridged by the California Public Utilities Commission. They approved of the changes that will revamp the electricity rates in the state. The announcement was made on Friday. The application of the changes would mean that the people consuming little electricity would see an ...

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Sales of Barnes & Noble’s Nook devices and e-books plummeted

The sales of Nook devices by Barnes & Noble have declined during its most recent quarter. The sale of Nook devices at its bookstores also dropped a fair degree. Shares of the company also dropped down by 3 percent during a mid-day trading on Thursday. The store sales of Barnes & Noble’s Nook devices fell down by 9 percent to ...

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The Chinese e-commerce JD.com to offer credit service rival to Alibaba’s

The Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com has collaborated with ZestFinance to set up a joint venture that would assess the credit risk in order to meet the massive market need. ZestFinance is a credit scoring technology firm that is based out in the United States. The joint venture will use ZestFinance’s machine studying know how to assess the internet buyer’s knowledge ...

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Environmental Protesters Detained by the Shanghai Police

Shanghai Police barely spared any of the environmental protesters that were gathered outside of the Municipal government on Saturday. It hurt the hopes of the latest rally that was initiated with a rumor that a petrochemical plant could be constructed into the area. Chinese people are concerned about public health in case a petrochemical plant is constructed in the area. Hence, ...

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