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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

Messages Containing Indian Letter Can Remotely Crash an iPhone

iPhone 6 with smashed display

Apple’s software woes aren’t over yet. After a horrendous week in late December, 2018’s start is not calmer either. A new glitch that affects iOS 11 enables malicious actors to send a string of curious characters that can remotely crash an iPhone and temporarily bar users’ access to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, iPhone’s Messages, Facebook Messenger, and Gmail. The ...

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Google Kills ‘View Image’ Button in Image Search after Getty Settlement

Google search engine

In response to a settlement with Getty Images over copyright issues, Google has decided to revamp its Image Search and completely remove the ‘View Image’ option which enabled users to download copyrighted material. The ‘View Image’ button popped up whenever a user clicked on an image in the web search engine’s Image Search section. The button enabled users to access ...

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Tinder to Allow Women to Make First Move in All Conversations

Tinder logo

Tinder plans to roll out a feature that will enable women to initiate conversations and weed out the messages from men they don’t like. The new feature will give the dating app a competitive edge against one of its toughest rivals, Bumble. According to people familiar with the issue, women will have an option to make the first move on all ...

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Facebook Acting Like a Needy Ex-Girlfriend, Spams Users to Return

Facebook logo in muddy sand

Facebook is losing users to other social media platforms at record speeds. According to a recent report, the company lost 2.8 million users aged 25 or younger in 2017 alone. So, no wonder its tactics to win users back seem a bit desperate. For instance, inactive users that have given the website their personal phone numbers in hopes that a more ...

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Here’s Why Apple Keeps Its Multibillion-Dollar HQ Secret

Apple's headquarters

Apple has just explained why its $5 billion HQ dubbed the Apple Park will remain hidden from the public. Non-employees will reportedly not be allowed in because the building hosts a lot of confidential data. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook told investors that were touring the Steve Jobs Theater on the company’s new multibillion-dollar campus Tuesday that they weren’t allowed to ...

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Google Wants Chat Bots to Reply to Text Messages for You

WhatsApp app on smartphone

Google plans to bring smart chat bots to several messaging services. A couple of years ago, the tech giant rolled out the feature for its Gmail and Inbox. Ai-based computer algorithms could scan email messages and offer a feedback on behalf of the user through short and quick messages. Google now wants to embed that feature into more chat apps, including those ...

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The Irony… Facebook’s VPN App Secretly Tracks Users

Smartphone apps

Facebook has offered users in some parts of the world a VPN app to protect their Internet traffic from privy eyes, but ironically, the app beams back the data to Facebook servers. The social media giant didn’t tell users that the Onevo Protect feature, which gives unsuspecting Facebook app users the possibility to connect to the Internet via a virtual ...

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Facebook Hemorrhaging 2 Million Younger Users Every Year

Facebook logo

According to a report from e-Marketer, Facebook is losing on average 2 million younger users every year, as the younger generation flocks to more entertaining social media services to keep in touch with their friends. Facebook has long hoped that Instagram could keep the young ones hooked, but services like Snapchat are more alluring than the two services. According to ...

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Fixing Your HomePod Nearly as Costly as a Brand New Device

Apple's HomePod

Damaging your HomePod without a warranty could prove very costly depending on what part of it you have managed to crack. According to a new update to the company’s support pages, the price tag of a out-of-warranty fix is $279. If you add to that sum the shipping costs ($20), you would have spent nearly the full price of a new ...

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Snapchat Facing Major Makeover. Here’s What You Need to Know

Snapchat app on smatphone screen.

Snapchat is about to change in a major way following the latest update. However, not all fans were pleased with the changes. Thousands of users have complained that the new features confuse them. The company replied that the update is here to stay as it is needed for a better monetization of the platform. A spokesperson acknowledged that the changes are confusing and ...

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