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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

Steve Jobs’ Error-Riddled CV Going up for Auction in Boston

Steve Jobs holding a Mac Book

One of late Apple founder Steve Jobs’ CVs is going up for Auction at a Boston-based auction house. The error-riddled job application form will not come cheap since its value was estimated at $50,000 by RR Auction experts. The news was met with enthusiasm as many Apple fans would like the pricey piece of paper added to their collection. Jobs ...

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Airbnb Launches Loyalty Program

Airbnb app

On Thursday, Airbnb unveiled a new loyalty program that will fir the needs of those looking for a more luxurious accommodation. The move is designed to give the hospitality service a competitive edge against hotel rivals. The announcement comes at a time when the firm it’s under scrutiny over the quality of some of its listings. CEO Brian Chesky announced ...

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Apple Repair Center Behind 1,600 False 911 Calls in 4 Months

Emergency call center

An Apple repair center in California is behind 20 false 911 calls per day or 1,600 phony emergency calls to 911 since October. Emergency dispatchers believe that the erroneous calls come from the devices that are being repaired at the center. A dispatcher in Elk Grove noted that the calls are made on the Apple watches and phones that are ...

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Transgender Man Sues Google After Being Fired over Diversity Issues

Google search bar

A former Google engineer who is also a transgender man with a disability sued the tech giant for firing her over diversity issues. Tim Chevalier claims she was ousted for challenging her colleagues sharing white supremacy views in the workplace. Chevalier thinks Google fired her to avoid putting up with workplace discrimination and coming with a real solution to it. ...

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Apple Securing Supply of Key Ingredient in Its Batteries, Cobalt

Pink iPhone upside down

Bloomberg found that Apple is talking directly to cobalt miners to secure the supply of this key ingredient in its batteries. It is the first time the iPhone maker wants to purchase the mineral from miners, which suggests there are solid fears of an incoming shortage. The key element in every lithium-ion battery is in heavy demand as the electric vehicle ...

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Metal Gear Survive to Be Available on Steam Feb. 22

Screenshot from Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive will be available on Steam on February 22, but you can already pre-purchase it for €39,99. Valve Corporation’s digital distribution platform offers “exclusive DLC items” to players that will pre-purchase the game. It is unclear if the latest title will live up to the series’ reputation, but after the impressions on launch day some gamers weren’t that convinced ...

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World’s largest SSD Has 30.72 TB Capacity

4 GB MicroSd

Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled the world’s largest SSD which now has a capacity of 30.72 terabytes (TB). The company said that it has already started the production of the solid state drive, which will be included in the future storage systems. Samsung’s second largest SSD is the 15.36 TB SSD which is powered by V-NAND technology. That drive was launched ...

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Sony to Enter the Ride-Hailing Business in Japan

Sony offices in the United States

In response to Uber’s plans to expand to Japan, Sony announced a partnership with multiple taxi companies to help it enter the ride-hailing business. Uber confirmed that it plans to bring the business model to Japan hours after Sony’s announcement. Sony, however, plans to push things even further as its service would be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Tokyo-based ...

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This Smart Skin Patch Could Lead to Smartphones’ Demise

Man showing off smart skin patch

Japanese researchers have developed a new type of wearable – a smart skin patch that can display the wearer’s vitals and many more. Engineers are confident that if they manage to improve the skin patch so that it can match the functions of a smartphone screen, smartphones could soon become obsolete. The Japanese team wants the next generation of wearables to ...

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Silicon Valley Parents Banning Their Kids’ Screen Time

Small kids using their tablets

A growing number of Silicon Valley parents are prohibiting or restricting their kids’ screen time, knowing that modern-day technology can be potentially harmful to their children’s developing brains. Many tech workers in the Bay Area have witnessed first-hand the addictive nature of some applications and electronic devices, and don’t think that buying their kid a tablet or smartphone would be ...

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