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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

World’s Most Vicious DDoS Attack Couldn’t Take GitHub Down

Multiple copies of Github logo

The developers’ platform GitHub announced that it has survived the strongest DDOS attack to date over the weekend. In the distributed denial of service attack, hackers bombarded the site’s servers with 1.35Tbps, but the platform quickly bounced back. DDoS attacks’ goal is to take websites or services offline by launching so much data toward their servers that the infrastructure can ...

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Google Recruiter Claims He Was Sacked for Not Rejecting White, Asian Male Candidates

Google Chrome on smarphone

One of Google’s former recruiters has sued Google for sacking him for not following the company’s policy on diversity issues when hiring. Arne Wilberg, who worked as recruiter for Google’s YouTube unit for nine years, claims he was fired for refusing to reject male candidates that were White or Asian, as the company wanted. Wilberg claims that Google has “irrefutable ...

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Here’s Why This Apple Ad to Switch to iPhone Is Dead Wrong

iPhone ad touting 'Zero Waste' Phone

Apple has released a 15-second ad to convince the owners of handsets from other brands to switch to iPhone. The company claims that its flagship phone is “assembled in facilities that send Zero Waste to landfills,” making us believe that the iPhone is environmentally-friendlier than other mobile devices on the market. But there’s a catch. The ad fails to mention ...

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Google Shopping’s Ban on ‘Gun’ Searches Backfires Strangely

Burgundy wine being poured into a glass

Google Shopping service’s recent ban on ‘gun’ searches had an unexpected outcome. Wine lovers, Guns N’ Roses fans or simple mortals interested in buying water guns or nerf guns don’t seem to find the products in search results. Google explained that the word ‘gun’ was removed completely from all search results of its popular service that enables users to compare ...

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EU Courts Force Google to Scrap 2.4 Million URLs

Waving EU flag

According to Google’s Right to be Forgotten Transparency annual report, EU courts have so far forced the tech giant to take down 2.4 million URLs directing to info on people that want the info gone from the search results. Google admitted that it has so far managed to erase just 43% of the data. Google’s Right to be Forgotten troubles ...

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Government Might Have the Tech to Crack Into Latest iPhone

The iPhone 8 on wireless charging pad

An Israeli-based company that offers security services to U.S. government agencies boasts that it has the technology to crack into latest iPhone models. Cellebrite researchers claim that they were able to bypass the security features of the Apple devices running the iOS 11. If it is correct, the news is a major breakthrough for U.S. law enforcement agencies, which have ...

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iPhone X Plus Leak: Apple Working on Largest iPhone Ever

The iPhone X

According to a recent leak about the incoming iPhone X Plus, Apple is working on three different handsets that could make up for iPhone X’s missed expectations. One of the incoming models is touted as the largest iPhone ever, another model will be cheaper than the iPhone X but still sport some of its key features, while a third model ...

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First-Gen Apple TVs Soon to Be Denied Access to iTunes

Back of an Apple Tv

The first-generation of Apple TVs was launched in January 2007, and now Apple thinks that it is time for them to say goodbye to iTunes. The tech giant announced that the iTunes support for these devices will be severed in May. In the meantime, the Apple TV digital player has reached the fifth generation supporting the 4k technology. iTunes has ...

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Apple Moves Sensitive iCloud Data to Chinese Servers

Chinese man on a bike on busy Chinese street

To comply with China’s laws, Apple unveiled a plan to move sensitive iCloud data on Chinese users to China-based servers. Human rights advocates are concerned that the move would enable the Chinese government to further infringe the privacy of its netizens. Until now, Apple stored a critical component of Chinese iCloud accounts, i.e. the keys needed to unlock the accounts, ...

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