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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

Carnegie Melon Denies Accepting Payment from the FBI


Being accused of having hacked the Tor project in exchange for receiving payment from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Carnegie Melon denies accepting payment from the FBI for the attacks. The Tor network is a volunteer group focused on providing their clients with increased internet security and anonymity. They employ proxy servers in order to hide their users, and also ...

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LG Smart TV Will Soon Run Google Play’s Movies and TV

The LG Smart TV is planned to receive Google Play’s feature with TV shows and films and it means that people who have such a top device will own a new system to stream videos and other media material on their gadgets. Google Play’s Movies and TV feature starts with its implementation in LG’s collection of web operating platforms, intelligent TVs or ...

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Facebook Releases a New Donation Option

Facebook is launching a new version of its charitable donation option with financial transactions that will be made straight on the social platform’s site, according to the organization’s professionals. The company also presented a new device that it has called “fundraisers”, a type of modular expansion of a team’s Facebook page that it can contain conversations about a specific cause, show ...

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The iPad Pro Means a Different Device to Different Users

To many users immersed into the OS ecosystems the iPad Pro is an immediate competitor for the latest Microsoft Surface Pro, but actually, the two products are trying to become laptop alternatives for different reasons. The iPad is developed for the informal customer, a person who does not want a fully optional computer during the day. This is not the ...

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App Prices to Be Lowered by Google in 17 Countries

"Android Market"

Great news for the roughly 1.5 billion Android users around the world, as the multi-national giant declares app prices to be lowered by Google in 17 countries. Well, not exactly. The prices themselves will not be lowered by the enterprise, as the developers are allowed to set their own. What will be lowered is the minimum price for which an ...

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Android Marshmallow 6.0 Arriving on Motorola Phones

Gradually, Android Marshmallow 6.0 is arriving on an increasing number of gadgets and the newest receivers of the OS are last year’s Moto X and 2015’s Moto X Pure (or Style, depending on where you live). These two popular smart phones are important, since all Motorola X devices are popular in many parts of the globe. The company’s representatives stated ...

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Google Chromebit – a Powerful PC in a Tiny Package

The giant search engine has launched a new gadget called Google Chromebit, this being the latest member of an increasing Chromebook family. The device is more similar to the Chromecast than the Chromebook, but its dongle possesses the internal elements of the notebooks based on Google’s browser packed into sticks more compact than the iPhone. The search engine presented the new ...

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OnePlus X Packing the Same Specs in a Smaller Frame

The recently launched OnePlus X surpasses new limits for a younger company from China. By developing the OnePlus X, the manufacturer eschewed its regular system of integrating the best chip processor in an extremely affordable mobile device. Instead, OnePlus has rewired the internal components the original OnePlus One in a compact gadget with a reduced $250 cost. But in accomplishing ...

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Android Wear Arriving with the Wrist Gestures

Google has lately launched an upgrade to its Android Wear system. The 1.4 upgrade delivers a new series of user gestures, enabling improved ways to manage the smart watch’s functions. The movement of the tiny touch screen to the right and left is already implemented, but with its new action control, the user can just move his hand for this ...

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Facebook’s Safety Check Will Be Activated for Paris AND Beirut

"facebook's security check"

Users have criticized the social platform for using Safety Check for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, but not for last week’s bombing in Beirut, which killed 40 people. Consequently, Facebook’s Safety Check will be activated for Paris AND Beirut. Facebook was well-intentioned; the company was the first to respond when the attacks took place in Paris on November the ...

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