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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

Mozilla Doesn’t Need Google Anymore


Mozilla has been struggling for quite some time to keep its spot as second most used browser, even though its closest competitor remains, somehow unexplained, Internet Explorer. However, in a recent interview, a spokesman for the company claimed that Mozilla doesn’t need Google anymore. For years, Chrome has been the number one most used internet browser, with over 50% of ...

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How “Most Used Words on Facebook” App Affects Your Privacy


As the “most used words on Facebook” app becomes more and more popular, people have been growing concerned regarding the privacy policies employed by the company that is behind the quiz. Read on to find out if and how “most used words on Facebook” app affects your privacy. Jonghwa Kim, founder and CEO of Vonvon, the company behind the controversial ...

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Raspberry Pi Zero, the World’s First 5$ Computer

"$5 Raspberry Pi Zero"

The Raspberry Pi Foundation introduces users to Raspberry Pi Zero, the World’s first 5$ computer. The goal of the company is to produce incredibly cheap computers that can be purchased by children, who cannot afford the otherwise costly devices. While world-renowned developers race each other to produce incredibly expensive devices that can only be acquired by high-end consumers, the Raspberry ...

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U.S. Officials Finally Accept Self-Driving Cars

"Google's driverless car technology"

Judging on their recent announcement, it seems U.S. officials finally accept self-driving cars now that Google’s new technology has proven it can function properly. Authorities did not enlarge upon their announcement; they only limited themselves to saying that rules will be loosened. Google’s driverless cars have been through many tests lately, but neither of them have been performed without the ...

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AMP Promises Faster Internet for Mobile Users

"web surfing"

Great news for mobile data users all over the world, as Google is going to provide faster internet for all mobile users starting next year. The project, entitled simply Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP promises faster internet for mobile users everywhere. Since the announcement 6 weeks ago that launched the project, more and more companies have taken an interest and ...

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Chaotic Moon Launches Tech Tattoos

"tech tats"

Great news if you’re a fan of tattoos but hate needles and going to the doctor, as software firm Chaotic Moon launches tech tattoos. The software company, located in Austin, has developed the new technology, dubbed Tech Tats, as a way of innovating self-quantifying technology. For those of you who don’t know what self-quantifying technology is, it refers to microchips ...

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Apple Confirmed the Acquisition of Faceshift

Many of you are probably familiar, or if not, have definitely heard of Faceshift, the motion capture technology behind the latest Star Wars movie. This September, rumors started going around that the company was bought by a big-shot company, but they were never confirmed. However, yesterday, Apple confirmed the acquisition of Faceshift. The small company’s IP had become a hit ...

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Donate This Holiday Season with Google’s Android Pay


The international technological titan that is Google decided to get into the holiday spirit early this year, and start a new donation campaign. Therefore, for every payment you make via Android Pay, Google will donate $1 to special needs education programs throughout the U.S. Do you want to know how you can donate this holiday season with Google’s Android Pay? ...

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HP’s New Smartwatch to Be Made in Partnership with Titan

HP’s new smartwatch has already been planned together with other organizations in order to produce innovative devices under its “Engineered” program. The newest collaboration under this development system comes between the US producer and Titan, an Indian wearable maker. The hardware manufacturer states that Titan holds the fifth position among the biggest watch producers and the first gadget is a top ...

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The Latest Dell Laptops Arrive with a Security Problem

The problems resulted from a severe protection error caused by the latest Dell laptops are increasing, as cyber security professionals find other points of interest. Tech experts from Duo Security are already noticing additional digital certification with various weaknesses in the latest Dell laptops and proof about other flawed devices from the same company that are now in use. This issue was ...

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