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Swatch denies the rumors of partnering with Apple for iWatch/iTime

 According to the rumors that sprung up on Wednesday, Swatch was working in tandem with Apple in their most anticipated projectiWatch,may be Apple iTime. The Swiss watch makers Swatch has made a statement denying their association with Apple’s iWatch. The Swiss watch makers made a public statement and denied all the rumors of collaboration with the iPhone makers. While making the statement, Swatch spokesperson ensured that they make their stand very clear.Swatch puts in outright denial to collaboration with Apple

iWatch (iTime) is probably one of the most anticipated devices in the market. The most anticipated device of the year has already seen quite a few rumors. According to the rumor that sprung up on Wednesday, Apple was supposedly working with different watch makers to introduce a wide range of iWatches. Previously we have had quite a few rumors stating that Apple is gearing up to launch various models of iWatch keeping in mind customers of different taste.

The rumors also had it that the various models of iWatch will be launched at different prices allowing a wide range of customers for it. The rumor that was first published on Wednesday spread like a wildfire and Swatch made it sure that it curbs it straight away. In the public statement, Swatch spokesperson has also stated that the company has manufactured parts for some mobile phone maker but that is not Apple. Swatch’s spokesperson ensured that the name of the client remains undisclosed.

The collaboration between Swatch and Apple had always been a distinct possibility and more so after Swatch CEO made his comment last year. Swatch CEO Nick Hayek Jr. had stated that Apple’s iWatch would not at all be a big deal as the device will lack storage and an adequate display unit.

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Swatch has previously worked with Microsoft’s Smart Personal Object Technology platform (SPOT), which according to many failed miserably.

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