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Uber launches its app for Windows Phone platform

The situation for the Windows Phone users is just about to change. According to the reports, Uber is all set to launch themselves on the Windows Platform very soon. The application that has changed the face of paid traveling in Europe and other parts of the world was absent on the Windows Smartphones. Uber has often been criticized for not being available on the Windows Phone smartphones, whereas the application was available for the users of Android and iOS. But whatever was it in the past, times are going to change as Uber is all set to launch the Uber application for Windows Phone devices.uber-windows-phone-app

Will Uber on Windows, be different?

Well, it is very interesting to think about the fact that why is the ride sharing application coming so late for Windows Phones? Will there be any difference? But the Uber will still be working the way it does for Android and iOS. All the users will have to do is request for a driver and set in the pickup address.

Considering the fact that the main objective is to provide cheap and comfortable journey through an app for one more platform, don’t expect any new changes in the mode of operation of the application.

In the last year or so, Uber has already seen a lot of ups and downs. The growth of the application has developed a typical hatred for Taxi Drivers from all over the world. Uber has been subjected to a lot of protests and allegations.

Uber has stayed undeterred and worked efficiently to bring in more comfort to its users. Some of the most favored services from Uber include UberX, Uber Suv, etc. The first startup for Uber on Windows Phone will be with Nokia Lumia phones. The application will be available for download on both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 devices.

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