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The upcoming Apple iPad Mini will be 30 percent thinner

The rumors about the Apple Inc products are always more; rumors are not only releasing for upcoming iPhone 6, but also upcoming iPad Mini 3 got few too. Today, one of the Chinese media released few things about the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 3. From that report, we can clearly note that the upcoming model of iPad Mini size will be reduced to 30% while comparing to its previous models.iPad-6-Air-2 --3

Apple has planned to name the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 3 as iPad Mini Air; The predecessor of upcoming Apple iPad Mini 3 i.e., iPad Mini 2 has a thickness of o.30 inches. Thus the upcoming Apple iPad Mini 3 will be approximately 0.21 inches in thickness and also it will be the thinnest tablets in the world. Currently, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is the thinnest tablet, but, the record will be beaten by the Apple after releasing the iPad Mini Air.

The upcoming Apple iPad Mini 3 will come with A8 Processor that is manufactured by TSMC. And it is also important to remember that the upcoming model will have three variants namely iPad Mini Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. Each of them varies with its display sizes and will have a significant efficiency like its previous models.

Apple iPad Air 2?

According to images from nowhereelse.fr, the iPad Air 2 is similar to the build of iPad Air with a change in button design and home button with Touch ID feature. The front camera of the iPad will be upgraded to 1.5MP and the rear camera to 8MP. iPad Air 2 is expected to be released earlier in October this year, along with the iPad Mini 3. The tablet is being called as the ‘Real Game Changer’ for Apple.

Apple seeks to dominate the tablet market with the iPad Air 2 as sales of iPad dropped from 19.48 million units to 16.35 million units in the previous quarter. The iPad Air remains as a popular choice among tablet users, though a recent IDC survey revealed that iPad’s share in the market fell by 33 percent.

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In addition to this, Apple has also released information regarding its revenue in Q3 2014 earnings report. Apple Inc has reported revenue of 37.4 billion dollars and obtained $1.28 per share.

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