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ACSI survey on social media: Pinterest tops, Facebook is at bottom

As the most popular social networking site, discussions about Facebook come up whenever a survey is conducted about social media. Social networking sites like Facebook and others as similar to it have changed the way we communicate. So, we have the right to express our opinions about them.

Some data, from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, reveal that Facebook is the least popular social networking site, but that stop it from being used by most of them. Even if Facebook is ranked near the bottom in terms of satisfying customers, it is most successful social networking sites with over one billion active users a month. But the latest views that have come about is that it is the most popular social networking site in terms of number of active users but not in terms of customer satisfaction.

Surveys even reveal that social media are not much liked by its users even though they have been defining our lives for quite some time. As Facebook and LinkedIn have scored low in the customer satisfaction evaluation, Pinterest has been doing very well in it. They even revamped the mobile website as most visits are from mobile devices.

While considering news channels, it used to be the Fox News to be rated high in terms of satisfied readers of news. But it is not so in the recent days, as channels like NPR and BBC gained popularity and have fared well. Even the Huffington Post recorded its first ever improvement in user satisfaction.


Customer satisfaction in e-business rebounds and it has been largely due to the improvement of social media, along with search engines and news websites, according to the e-business reports released recently.

Pinterest have made a steady climb in the point scale over the past three years, as the number of pinners increase as they have provided improved features and search functions. Meanwhile Wikipedia has fallen on the point scale as attempts to make participation easier have not been received well by the existing users.

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On the other hand, YouTube has been able to create more interest among users, and Google, with its latest change, regarding the way advertisements are labeled and also providing a user-friendly interface to the mobile internet users, has taken the right direction in its venture.

Meanwhile, it’s not to avoid that the recent revelation of Facebook’s mood manipulating experiment affected the survey.

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