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Apple releases iOS 8 Beta 4 for developers

Apple has released the iOS 8 Beta 4 to developers through over-the-air update in iOS and the iOS Dev center. Apple iOS 8 was released about a month ago at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and since then Apple has already updated the operating system 4 times.iOS 8 Beta 3

The iOS 8 Beta 4 with several improvements has been released after two weeks following the release of iOS 8 Beta 3. The stable Beta 4 will have an improved interface and the control center has been redesigned. The brightness setting in the wallpaper section have been moved to a new Display and Brightness settings.

A new feature is the pre-installed “Tips” app on the iOS Beta 4 that cannot be uninstalled. The app will provide Tip notifications  that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Message or Mail and will be useful to first-time Apple users. The Messages settings have a new option to set how long a message remains in the inbox while the default option is Forever which lasts for one year and 30 days.

The text-to-speech feature which is accessed through the microphone icon on the keyboard will now transcribe the text immediately. The new feature was added in Mail app in the Beta 3 and has been added to messages in the latest Beta 4. The Bug reporter app included in earlier Betas has been removed.

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Safari’s bookmarks and setting have been customized slightly  and at Home Data icon has been included in the Privacy section. The iOS 8 has brought in new apps like HealthKit, HomeKit and Mac OS X integration. iOS 8 Beta 4 has been released for developers and is not recommended for users Apple devices. Apple is expected to release the iOS 8 by this fall, along with the release of iPhone 6 in September.

For more information and support resources, visit the official iOS developer program website.

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