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Gionee GN9005 is thinner than current Elife S5.5 smartphone

Chinese smartphone-maker Gionee is emerging very swiftly in the market and unfolding the layers of its magnificent smartphones one after the other. The company is known for launching devices that are thinner than ever. It has received the certificate for producing a ridiculously thin smartphone with the codename, GN9005. This smartphone would be thinner than its predecessor, Elife S5.5.gionee-gn9005

Elife S5.5 has recently debuted in the market and it is faring very well with the customers. There is a huge buzz around this device, thanks to the super slim nature of it. This device was taken to MWC by the company. The thickness of the phone is measured at 5.55 mm. The build quality of the device is also incredible. It is mounted with an aluminum frame and the Corning glass back panel provides this device with a super touch.

The experts were baffled by the fact that Elife S5.5 was equipped with a processor clocked at 1.7 GHz. It is an achievement by the developers to manage such a processor in this ridiculously slim device.

Gionee has out slimmed Elife S5.5 by receiving the certificate for making another Smartphone codenamed, GN9005 which would be slimmer than its predecessor. If you thought that Elife S5.5 was the thinnest phone made by Gionee, you were in for a big mistake. Thickness of the new device would be measured at 5mm, which is lesser than that of Elife S5.5.

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There is a huge anxiety among the fans regarding this device. It will sport a screen size of 4.8 inches and an AMOLED screen with 720p resolution. A quad-core 1.2GHz processor is also fed into the phone that works on a battery power of 2,050mAh. Other features of the phone are also mind blowing like the RAM that is clocked at 1 GB, the camera that measures 8 Megapixel, etc.

The release date of the thinnest phone from Gionee has not been confirmed yet, but the curiosity of the fans has reached the highest level after checking the specs of the device.

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