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Leaked: HTC Desire 816, LG Pulse, LG Unify and ZTE Emblem for Virgin Mobile

Four new Smartphone models get leaked while they were being transported to Virgin Mobile showrooms. According to the rumors, Virgin Mobile which is one of the main dealers of Sprint Wireless in the United States is all set to launch 4 new Smartphones in the market. The leaked four new Smartphone models include two models by LG, one from HTC and one from ZTE. If the leaked images are true, then the people of the United States are all set to experience four new models of Smartphones.Four Smartphones leaked on their way to Virgin Mobile

According to the rumors, the leaked images consist of HTC Desire 816, LG Pulse, LG Unify and ZTE Emblem. Amidst all the four models, HTC Desire 816 has already been launched in various other market around the Globe. Virgin Mobile will be expected to launch the device in the US market with Sprint as the carrier. The leaked image of HTC Desire 816 is very similar to the one already in the market and thus it is expected that the features and the specifications will be same as well.

On the other hand, very little or negligible amount of information is available about the other three models. In case of the LG models, rumors have it that similar models have already been launched in other parts of the world. All that needs to be done is the matching of the specifications and then identification of the similar models.

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Speaking for ZTE Emblem, no match to the model has yet been found. Thus, there is a belief that the device has been designed for Virgin and Sprint only. Considering the fact that there are leaked images one will have to wait for any confirmation that comes in!

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