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Verizon to boost FiOS upload speed

Verizon FiOS, Verizon’s fiber home internet service will have symmetrical upload and download speeds, the company announced today.verizon-fios

The faster speeds will be useful to upload high quality videos faster and back up files online. Earlier, The speed of the FiOS was 15 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up and will now be equal. The users will be upgraded at no extra cost. Verizon is one of the very few companies that offer equal internet speeds. Earlier, Google Fiber had announced similar symmetrical speeds to attract consumers and ISP seem to have influenced by the company’s move.

Mike Ritter, Verizon chief marketing officer for consumer and mass business said in a statement:

“Faster upload speeds means better sharing experiences. All internet sharing, whether videos, larger photo files or gaming, starts with uploading.”

The consumers will be automatically upgraded in the coming months and to small business customers by the end of the year. Verizon expects the upload rates on the FiOS to double by 2016 and this was the reason for the upgradation. The study by the company revealed that 20 percent is a power users, which means their uploads equalled or exceeded their downloads and expects the number of power users to grow by 60 percent by 2017.

The company will now offer the highest speed of 500 Mbps down and up. A 500 Mbps FiOS user will be able to upload an HD-video in four seconds, experience smooth video calls and improved online gaming performance. Users who want to try out the speeds can register for the Verizon My Rewards+ program.

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