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GM asks Cadillac dealers to stop selling CTS and SRX models

GM is also probably following the similar steps of Ford this year. One has to agree to the fact that the year has been one of the worst years for all the car makers across the continents of Europe and America. Speaking of that, the year 2014 has been specifically poor for car makers like Ford and General Motors. According to the recent turn of events, General Motors have asked their deals to put a stall on the sale of some CTS models. According to the reports, some specific models are facing a serious issue with ignition switch.GM asks dealers to stop selling CTS and SRX models

According to the reports from GM itself, the models manufactured during the period of 2004 to 2006 have been marked as the ones with the possible faults. GM has asked all the deals to put a complete ‘stop’ on the sale of CTS and SRX models. Interestingly, the CTS models that have been called off include cars manufactured between the years 2003 to 2014. This has in turn posed a serious question of the engineering capabilities of the manufacturer. GM issued an official notice for the ‘stop’ on July 2 this year.

According to a rough estimation that has been put forward approximately 554,000 CTS and SRX models will have to be taken off the streets by GM. GM has already recalled approximately 14.7 million cars from the streets this year. The reports that have been submitted to the NHTSA by GM states that in case of an event of excessive jerking, the ignition key is getting misplaced, leading to the scenario where the Engine shuts down bring the car to a halt.

Ford has also suffered from a similar issue this year and has accounted for a recall of approximately 1.4 million cars. GM is further pushed into a position of embarrassment as the car maker presently does not have the parts that need to be replaced.

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