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Apple to launch updated MacBook Pro with Retina Display and Haswell CPU

Apple might launch update for MacBook Pro with Retina Display and Intel’s Haswell processor. This update for MacBook Pro is one of the most awaited update that might hit global stores in September 2013. In past Apple had used Ivy Bridge silicon CPUs for most of the gadgets. They have started using Intel’s Haswell processor back this year in June (in MacBook Air). So the next generation MacBook Pro is going to come with world class display and high performance CPU.


Ivy Bridge Silicon and Intel’s Haswell CPUs performs equally well in most of the fields. However Haswell is far better in terms of battery and graphics improvements. Haswell chips are built using 22 nanometer process of Intel which is famous for battery improvements.

Along with this new CPU, MacBook Pro will have SKU unit that contains Intel Iris Pro 5200 GPU. So with MacBook Pro, Apple is shifting from NVidia built GPUs (equipped in current Apple products) to Intel built GPUs. Intel has specially developed Iris Pro GPUs to compete with the GPUs from Nvidia and AMD. It seems Intel has won this race (of GPUs), after all their GPUs are used by world’s leading electronic firm Apple. But on the performance aspect, no one knows how it will perform in comparison with ADM and NVidia. Hopefully all will turn in favor of Apple so that they can equip it in all other compatible gadgets.

Users are waiting for standard MacBook Pro Haswell chip update, but sadly company officials are silent on this issue. It could be the next target for CPU update.

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