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Digital Bomb placed by Russian hackers inside Nasdaq has never detonated

A report has revealed that Russian hackers had placed a “Digital Bomb” in Nasdaq computer systems to steal data and disrupt the US economy in 2010.nasdaq

The “cybergrenade” placed in 2010 that was not set off that was capable of stealing data and spying and could have affected stock market computers. The malware was found by FBI, while it was monitoring US internet traffic and it was revealed that the Russian hackers used “zero day” vulnerabilities which could also have caused “digital destruction”. Zero day vulnerabilities were known recently that allowed for remote control of PC’s by hackers caused by a faulty computer code.

“Our own forensic review of the issue conducted in close cooperating with the US government concluded no proof of exfiltration of data from our director’s desk systems,” said Joseph Christinat in a statement to Bloomberg.

However the FBI officials are not completely sure if Russian hackers were responsible, though the report claims the hacking was done by the Russians. George Venizelos, New York Assistant Director of  FBI mentioned that agency is investigating the hacking. The report pointed out Russian hacker Aleksandr Kalinin and his team’s involvement in the hacking as he was caught by the US secret service during 2007-2010 for trying to hack Nasdaq systems.

A list of 10 stock exchange companies has been compiled by the US Treasury Department Office of critical infrastructure Protection and Compliance Policy that are likely to be future targets of hackers. Russian officials responded to the report by saying it was “pure nonsense”.

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