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Jibo, world’s first family robot to arrive in December 2015

The technology has been evolving over the time and there is simply no scope for impossibilities. The shoppers have always liked to spend money on powerful gadgets, but this time, they will get the opportunity to invest in a Family robot named Jibo that has been planned by MIT professors. It is expected to surface in the market by December 2015.jibo-robot

Jibo will possess the capability to interact with its owners, which makes it one of the most anticipated robots in the next year. It has been launched on Wednesday and the crowdfunding campaign has already proposed $100,000 for Jibo. The associate professor of MIT, Cynthia Breazeal has contributed in the field of robotics for years. She focused on the techniques and technologies surrounding the robots and finally, the hard work has paid off.

The idea behind Jibo is also known as social robotics. Another social robot that is popular is Leonardo which was created by the collaborative efforts of Stan Winston Studio and Brazil. The robot was measured at the height of 2.5 feet and it was one of the first robots of its kind.

Cynthia Breazeal, the founder and CEO of Jibo said:

“A social robot does not need to be humanoid or to locomote to engage people and bring content to life beyond flat screens. This adds a lot of unnecessary expense and complexity.”

The same approach that was employed in the making of Leonardo has been affected in the making of Jibo. It would be an 11 inch tall robot that would have the base of six inches. The design of Jibo would look like that of a retro television. Jibo will also possess superior technologies along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Jibo is rumored to surface the market by December next year and it would have the abilities to work as an assistant to its owners. It will also be equipped with the technology that will enable him to remind the owners about important events. Jibo will have a great personality and it would also work as a storyteller.

There is a huge anxiety among people about Jibo and if they are interested in this robot, they will have to place their orders soon. It is now costing $99 but the rates will hike up to $400 later. So, hurry up and place your orders soon.

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