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Apple-IBM deal to affect businesses of Google and Microsoft

Google, Microsoft and Blackberry are set to be affected by the Apple-IBM deal, as the new deal will help not only Apple, but also IBM that will sell Apple devices to enterprise workers and develop apps together.apple-ibm-partnership

IBM will offer iPhones and iPads with apps that will generate revenue in the form of support and cloud services. Apple in turn will benefit from the sale of the devices. The deal will expand the share of iOS in the enterprise market and will affect the sale of Android and Windows smartphones. The terms of the agreement were not released to the public.

“Android is struggling to get acceptance in the enterprise due to security concerns and the fact that Android is readily rooted,” said Van Baker VP and research Director for Garner mobile and client computing services.

The deal will also mark Apple foray into the corporate market and will increase its market share. After the announcement, the share of both the companies surged by two to three percent. As Apple devices are used by most business people, IBM’s services will benefit the IT staff.

IBM has pulled up its sleeve to sell these anticipated devices to its customers from corporate world. It is also planning to start an on-site support for these products. The partnershipof IBM and Apple is taken with a positive vibe by the corporate world and hopefully, it will set new record sales for Apple devices in the market.

The companies have shown an airline pilot that uses his mobile device in order to check the fuel status or an insurance agent that does the risk assessments for a potential client with the help of his device. The idea behind the promotion is that the devices would offer a lot more than just emails and text messaging, they would offer data analysis and much more to user’s disposal.

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Even though IBM had access to Apple API’s, the new deal will further allow the company to integrate Find my iPhone and remote wipe capabilities with its apps. The deal will affect the business of Google as Android as very little presence in the enterprise market. Microsoft, which has been trying to enter the corporate market with the Windows Phone devices for several years will have another obstacle. Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Kantor Worldpanel mentioned that this would the end for Blackberry.

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BlackBerry shares already began trembling following the Apple and IBM’s announcements, because BlackBerry’s business recovery hope lies in enterprise security and enterprise mobile platforms since its doomsday began in the consumer mobile market.

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