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Facebook Launches ‘Mentions’ iOS App, only for Celebrities

A new app known as “Mentions” has recently been launched by the social networking site Facebook. It would enable the celebrities to manage their public pages over the social media.facebook-mentions-ios-app-screenshot

Facebook Mentions has been in the news for a long time but nothing had been materialized before. Finally, the app has surfaced and the public figures can interact with their fans with more ease. The management of the profiles of the celebrities will me made much easier through this app. There is a wave of excitement among the celebs regarding this app.

The Mentions app allows actors, athletes and other celebs to interact and chat with the fans and respond to them without any hassles. They can also hold live chats and facilitate updates on their page. The timeline of posts will also be shown by the app and it will be referred to a specific user. The users who are active can make new posts, and interact with their idols through questions and answers.

The Mentions app has been introduced in the US, but Facebook is planning to launch it into the other countries soon too.

This app will definitely elevate the fortune of Facebook by a higher degree. The celebrities have taken a sigh of relief after the announcement of this app as they do not have to worry about the problems that occur while interacting with the fans.

If you are popular enough, go try the app from here (Official iOS App Store; file size: 65MB).

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