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Facebook tests ‘buy’ button on suggested post ads to allow direct shopping

There is no doubt of the fact that Facebook has turned into a place where you would want to be at all times of the day. Noting that Facebook is probably at the highest point of its achievements, it seems the social networking giant is not content to be the way it is! According to the report by TechCrunch, Facebook is probably testing a new feature that will allow you to ‘buy’ things without actually having to leave the social networking circuit.facebook-buy-button-suggested-post

According to the news, Facebook is ready to start the testing of the feature from today itself. We are presently unaware of the limitations of the feature included under the testing conditions like which accounts will be allowed to use the feature. There is no news as well about the regions where the feature will be available to the users.

The new feature will include a ‘buy’ button along with the advertisement on the Newsfeed or the post itself. The users who wish to buy the entity will have to click on the ‘buy’ button and the Facebook will guide you through the steps of the deal. The feature will be available to the users on both desktops and mobile phones. As per the mock elaboration given by Facebook, the users will have it easy for them as the ‘buy’ button will be located right below the image itself. On the other hand, speaking from the vendor’s point of view, the ‘buy’ option will be available with the sponsored ads as well, they can automatically expect to have more business?

Will the ‘buy’ feature be safe?

Just like most of the social sites, Facebook has also been troubled with issues related to privacy of the users, leak of confidential data, etc. Even Facebook has been stated to store confidential data of the users. Thus, standing on such wet grounds, the introduction of the ‘buy’ feature must imbibe some confusion and apprehension in the hearts of the users. One of the main points of debate is that when Social networking sites are unable to store the passwords in a secured way, will it be safe to share data like Credit card or debit card number with Facebook.

In response to such inquisitions coming in from various sectors, Facebook has responded by saying that Facebook is also worried about the same issue. Facebook will take all the steps required to make the shopping experience for its users safe and sound. One will not have to share any information with the social networking site as it will leave the operations involving the transactions on the vendor’s site itself.

According to the reports, the ’buy’ feature is just a small test and depending on the outcome, Facebook will look forward to future implementations. The experts on the other hand are looking at this as a probable masterstroke. If the feature is accepted by the users, Facebook will be implementing this feature to all users to increase its overall revenue in future.

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