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Apple’s next iPhone of 2013 features 31 percent faster A7 chip

As we all are waiting for the Apple iPhone event, which is approaching us soon – we are gathering as much as details about their gadgets and it’s specifications. Rumored iPhone 5S to run with 31% faster chipset than the predecessor iPhone 5. Clayton Morris – Technologist/Anchor of Fox News channel has tweeted about this yesterday.

Below is the tweet by @ClaytonMorris:

iPhone 5 A6 chipset was a dual-core processor and the “5S” A7 chip might also a dual-core processor, would a quad-core processor brings only 31% increase in speed than the dual-core one? BTW, the era has been changed to quad-core processor and it’s not a big deal, if Apple Inc reveals the next iDevice with a quad-core processors as we can see in many android phones.

It is also believed that the A7 processors used in the next iPhone could be a 64bit chip. If it is  a “YES”, then there will be a chance of the increase in the processing speed of internal circuitry, and overall device. 64bit chipset has being tested and it would make the graphical effects, high quality super HD movie viewing a pleasant experience than the predecessor.


Another source has suggesting us a new separate chipset for the camera activities to be introduced in the new smartphone, which suppose to take care of the motion tracking. Rather than only increasing the megapixel (sensor) of the camera, Apple seems to install the same 8MP camera with much more stability in picture quality by using dual-LED flash as well as the new Motion tracking feature. Apart from these new not-so-cool features, the company is more interested to focus the device as a luxury goods, as the current trends suggest us of the new Elegant Gold “Champagne” colored iPhone panel out of traditional black iPhone and white iPhone.

Every time a new iDevice been released with the faster processor, and this time too, which seems not creating any mojo in the mobile world, which supposed to be done by Apple. Apple has to bring something attractive or impossible features to the next iPhone, if it really want to get some attention from consumer world. However, recent purchase of Embark mapping app by the company may be used in the next iPhone as a more improved Apple Maps. Remember, the last time the Apple Maps was responsible for much hyped memes spread across the internet! Will the fingerprint sensor in the home key bring something to Apple?

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