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Give your loved ones access to digital assets after you die in a specific will

Wouldn’t you want your loved ones to have an access to your accounts when you die? A team of experienced lawyers has gone in the favor of the cause. They consider it very right to transfer the access of online accounts to relatives upon death, unless it has been rightfully specified in the will of that person.online-access

The Uniform Law Commission was supposed to frame a law in which the loved ones would get the opportunity to operate your account upon your death. There is a constraint on it though; if the person has not given the permission of using his accounts in his will, then the accounts would remain closed forever. If the Uniform Law Commission succeeds in planting these rules, it will become extremely easy for the family of the deceased to track the real estate planning and other important things related to the dead person.

Although, this plan is being opposed by some people who claim it would take their privacy away, but it would work very well for the family of the dead person. It can help them track his savings and other important elements related to his life.

Karen Williams from Beaverton, Oregon sued Facebook for accessing her son’s account after he suffered an accident at the age of 22. She stated “This is something most people don’t think of until they are faced with it. They have no idea what is about to be lost.”

The Associate director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington expressed his disinterest in the motion. He said that a judge’s approval is extremely important when it comes to spoiling the privacy of the account owners and the people who chat with them.

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