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Amazon to offer ‘Kindle Unlimited’ subscription on ebooks for $9.99

Amazon has pulled up its sleeve and it is eyeing to start an unlimited ebook subscription at the cost of $9.99 per month. This would entitle the user to have an access to as many as 600,000 titles. Amazon is certainly the powerhouse of the retail outfit and it is testing its new deal with customers and how it works with them.amazon-kindle-unlimited-offer

The audiobook and e-book subscription is known by the name “Amazon Unlimited”. This would enable the users to have an access to 600,000 titles and as many as thousand Audiobooks for as low price as $9.99 per month. It has been revealed by Google cached test page. The service of Amazon unlimited can be availed by any device, including the likes of Apple iOS tablets, Android and iPhones.

It has become a hot topic among the Kindle Board users and they are excited to use the Amazon’s new subscription model. GigaOm reported this news the first and it unraveled that the books like “Life of Pi”, “Huger Games” and “Harry Potter” were also a part of the subscription. This is a great news for the fans and they cannot wait to subscribe to the plan.

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If Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription comes into existence, it will not be a unique plan anyway. The rivals of Amazon, such as Scribd and Oyster already offer unlimited ebooks under an unlimited subscription to its users. The monthly subscription of Scribd is $8.99 per month and it enables the user to read as much material as he can.

Dan Olds, The Gabriel Consulting Group Analyst, in an interview with Computer World said:

“This could be a huge game changer in the publishing field, changing the economic model of the entire industry. There are going to be some sticky problems, like how to work out compensation between the myriad of large and small publishers, plus those who publish for themselves using Amazon as their sole distribution platform. But I think this could be wildly popular with readers.”

GigaOm has also come out with a video purposed for promotion of the Kindle Unlimited on YouTube. We will have to wait and see how this plan fares in the market.

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